Saffron Swords centuries of indic resistance to invaders

cover book of saffron swords


So to know the real history we all should read a great book called “SAFFRON SWORDS” this golden book says about the valorous saga of many unknown warriors.

They are 52 tales of Indian valour in this book. Many of these warriors are unheard of.

Few names are Matmur jamoh, Kapaya Nayaka, Alluri Sitarama raju, Kuyili, Rani Velu Nacchiyar and so on ….


The saffron swords book was written by Manoshi Sinha rawal and she is from Assam and her education is M.A English and now she settled in Noida. She is an author of 8 books including this.

The Co-author of this book is her husband Yogaditya Singh Rawal.

She is also running a nice blog “”


Both of them with their own money and vehicle travelled all over India so many historical places took evidence from the historical sites and met so many authentic historians, referred books, documents, epigraphy.


NCERT books always portrayed as our ancestors were inferior to invaders We lost wars and we lived under slavery.
Manoshi sinha rawal

So to counter this distorted history she wrote this historical chronicle.

History is the strength and source of knowledge for a nation”


  • There is Ramypyari Gurjar who led a force of 40000 women against Taimur of karnavati, the Queen Garhwal who defeated the Mughal army in 1640.
  • Shivadevi Tomar, the 16-year-old Jat Girl who killed 17 British soldiers during the Revolt of 1857.
  • Kapaya Nayaka led a confederation of Telugu nobles to liberate the south Indian kingdom of Warangal from the Delhi sultanate.

We can read such type of inspiring stories in this book.


Today, India is a youthful country with almost 50% of her population below the age of 25. It needs role models to inspire and motivate. This book fulfils a very great need of our times. I commend the authors for this pioneering effort.


You can see the great reviews getting to this book.

* Govind Raj from Kochi says” we Indians are shameless, prideless and gutless people with extreme deficiency of self-respect. When our history books blank several great heroes and glorify a select few, we as a nation become a joke. we need such books to learn real history.

saffron swords book review



book release event


This book was released by her and she visited major cities in India for releasing this book. She got good sales and response to this book.

She wrote and also present writing books related to hindu temples, history, culture.

I am proud to say that i also attended this book event in bangalore.


With the author manoshi sinha in middle

Another amazing thing is she started saffron swords book part 2.

In amazon, this book has 119 reviews and most 90% of them are praising this book.

Translating into other languages is to happen and you can find bulk copies for discount price in below link.

So do you also want to become a reader and want to know more exciting stories for goosebumps? Then own this wonderful book.


CERN Nataraja Statue- A Wonder in the Largest Physical Lab

nataraja statue

Generally, we see God Nataraja statue in temples, museums or In any homes or cultural music and dance centres. But surprising thing and how many of Hindus know that Nataraja statue is installed in CERN particle physics lab in geneva of Switzerland.

The science behind CERN Nataraja statue-

India is the only place where our gods must dance. Nataraja is the king of dancer. It is phenomena of creation and closest analogy is its like a dance. Today Modern Physicists are using these words. The things seem to be a dance. There is a deep process in the whole system.

We say creation is a dance and the divine is a dancer. The circle around him is not just a circle it is a symbol of cosmic.

If anything happens on itself it is a circle and planet moves on its own then it is a circle. A circle is a place of least resistance.

Ok till now my explanation may be little confusing and not clear. Even i also smelling like that.

I explained like a trailer format. Now enter into the real picture.

What is shiva statue doing here?

It has a profound meaning in cosmos. You, me, earth, planets, galaxies and intergalactic space and other things are made up of matter.

This matter has energy. the matter is fundamentally made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particle.

To study the fundamental structure of the particle and to understand the nature of matter and fundamental laws of nature.

Scientists conducted experiments using most complex instruments.

So once we go into Hindu philosophy.

In Hinduism, they are 3 primary deities Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. They represent cosmic functions of creation, maintenance and destruction respectively.

The dance of shiva is called as shiva tandava dance, which shows 5 acts.

The birth of the world, Its maintenance, its destruction, the source aspiration, liberation.

The Nataraja dance represents the cosmic cycle. The process of creation to the process of destruction of the universe.

It was said that lord shiva danced to the universe of existence and eventually it is going to be extinguished.

In modern physics, the quantum field theory has shown that the Rhythm of creation and destruction is the very base of existence of matter.

Every sub-atomic particles perform an energy dance. It is an energy dance itself im-pulsating creation and destruction process.

For some modern physicists, the dance of Nataraja is the dance of sub-atomic matter and basis of all existence and natural phenomena.

The universe goes under infinite no of deaths and re-births as the cycle of creation and destruction repeats.

The universe, solar system , planets and our lives are created under such an energy dance and it is going to be extinguished.

Nataraja statue id a reminder of many forms of the world. we are living in that world created under cosmic energy dance.

The circle behind shiva represents cosmos and it is the cosmic dance of shiva. It symbolises shakti, lifeforce.

Shiva Nataraja is a unique merge of religion, art and science. There is a deep understanding of the universe.

Einstein e=mc2 says the energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Our Hinduism actual Santana dharma Meaning is no starting and no end it is eternal.

Nataraja Statue in CERN and scientists views-

Briefly, if we say CERN represents 7931 scientists from 608 universities and 113 nations

In 2004, Cern (European centre for research in physics particle) established 2 meters height shiva statue.

Indian Government donated the statue as a relation with that CERN lab.

The reason for establishing the state is mainly 2 simple reasons. spiritual and scientific reasons.

In 2013 CERN centre with “Large Hydron Collider,” they are doing research. They found the Higgs boson particle. (God Particle).

It was seen as the process of creation and destruction without any end.

scientist Fritjof Capra

Scientist Fritjof Capra a physicist in 1972 first time in his article compared the sub-atomic particle with shiva cosmic dance.

He also mentioned the same theory in his book “The Tao of Physics“.

Below the statue, there is a small board and his words are written there.

Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter,” and that “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”

It is indeed as Capra concluded: “Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.”

cosmic dance

Scientist Kenneth ford in his book “The world of elementary particles” says

That every subatomic particle goes through this dance of creation and destruction. The term used by Ford is ‘dance’ as the ideas of rhythm and dance automatically come into one’s mind while imagining the flow of energy going through the patterns that make up the modern-world, involving in a continual cosmic dance.

Finally, Know the truth. Not truth the eternal truth.

Kalaripayattu Training- Double Your Stamina in 6 months and never feel tired

Kalaripayattu performance

For Pdf download —

In the previous article, You read about the kalaripayattu martial art origin, history, and other interesting things. Now we will get deeper into kalaripayattu training.

It is a native art of Kerala which is very ancient. It is transformed through generations through gurus to other generations.

The overall purpose of this training is not only to hurt anyone but to heal others.

The whole development is to make an individual uplift them mentally, physically and spiritually. It is a traditional art and great science.

“Kalaripayattu training is one of the easiest martial art forms to learn. “All you need is a determined mind,” — Mr.Gurukkal Kalaripayattu trainer

Kalaripayattu training-

People who seek Kalaripayattu training they should follow some basic steps.

It is a holy way of learning which is in the form of guru-shishya tradition. They should stay in gurukul centers .so strict niyamas are proposed.

  • Alcohol consumption, smoking must be avoided and bad company at night.
  • They should take rest at night time but day time sleep should not be there.
  • Trainees should enter into Kalari with the right leg and bare feet.
  • Practitoners should consider the Kalari center as a temple, respecting others.
  • A few basic rituals to poothara (the seven steps platform)is a must.
  • After that, they should touch the bhoomi (earth)
  • After that, they should take blessings of guru and should start the training.

Shortly we can say the yamas and niyamas are found in ashtanga yoga of Patanjali will be followed for personality development.

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Kalaripayattu training School-

The training school for kalarippayattu art is called as Kalari. It is constructed as per Vaastu and that enclosure is 21” width and 42” length and mud are dug up to 3 feet deep.
The Poothara is seven steps platform located in the southeast corner of the of every Kalari. The seven steps resemble strength, patience, posture, expression, commanding power, training, expression, and sound. Poothara is consists of oil lamps and flowers and god photos.

worshipping poothara

Kalaripayattu dress –

It is called Katcha or loincloth which is a long strip of cloth and there is a method to wear. The wearing provides tightness to hips, abdomen and improves the movements, stiffness.

How to wear kalaripayattu dress-

Kalaripayattu Training levels-

They are 3 styles in kalaripayattu northern, central and southern styles. Northern style name is vadakkan and southern style name is adimurai or varma kalai.

Now coming to training Kalaripayattu training it consists of five levels. They are basic, intermediate, advanced, senior and instructor levels.

The training duration will take 3 months to complete the basic level and after basic intermediate will take 6 months’ time to complete. The advanced and senior-level may take 1 to 2 years training period depending upon the student caliber and finally, the practitioner who wants to become an instructor should complete 5 years of daily practice.

But to become a warrior or a great trainer it may take up to 12 years. I met a guru and he said he is still learning deeply about kalari and he has 20 years of experience. One should know how the body works and the energy flow.

They are short term courses duration also ranging from 1 month to 1 year also.

Kalaripayattu training is not an easy thing to explain on paper and through images and videos we may explain up to some extent but, finally, we have to watch and experience this Ancient kalari martial arts training. It needs a lot of dedication, discipline and rigorous practice to become an expert.

Training consists of Kalari massage training and body anatomy, vital points also taught..

Kalaripayattu training is divided into 4 categories. While explaining the training the names of the Deadly weapons used also explained.

Category 1 – MEITHAI (Physical, Acrobatic exercises) –

It is also known as mei payattu . The training starts with smearing the body with Kalari massage oil (uzhichil). This will make your body flexible and strengthens the wrists, hands, palms, legs and core body.

It is the first stage which involves a set of exercise for hips, hands, legs, upper body. It also has breath control exercises (pranayama) , Neuromuscular training.

The kalaripayattu workouts which they do on the ground with hands is called kaikuththiippayattu. It has leg moves, punches, muscle stretches, and body twisting. They are a total of 18 types of exercises in Kalari training.

It was done by the instructions of the trainer and called vaythari which are rhythmic.

It is to attain mental and physical balance.It makes to understand each organ of the body. These will help the learner to get a toned body.

These kalaripayattu exercises will make teach you alertness and you can observe a lot of these exercises are related to yoga.

Once the learner becomes perfect in this The next step will be called kolthari and in this self-defense techniques are taught with the help of wooden sticks and weapons.

Category 2- KOLTHARI (Wooden weapons category weapons and sticks)-

It is also called as kettukari.

The first step which is taught is kettukari weapon and it is 5 feet height so almost a full body size. It is base to learn the art of spear fighting.

In the second step they will teach with a weapon cheruvadi which is 2.5 feet height stick. The fighting techniques will be very intense. Very fast blows are delivered and it should be done with great caliber which is 100 blows per minute.

The use wooden Mace(Gadha) (4kg to 9kg of weight.) which we saw in puranic stories and one strict rule is not to attack the opponent below the waist.

The next step will be Otta (Curved stick) and this is the master weapon and it is related to marmas. This is used to thrust the body marma with the knob and it is not taught to all students. It will be taught by the gurus only to well-skilled, disciplined and trustable learners. This very tough to learn.

The other weapons also included like bamboo sticks, deer horns.

Once the learner becomes proficient in the kolthari and now they will move to more lethal weapons.

Category 3 – ANKATHARI (Metal Weapons category)-

The first weapon is dagger which is 1 foot long. It is very sharp and any lack of attention will cut the opponent’s body. It is used to defend, cut, thrust any body part and no shield is used.

Another weapon is udaval ( personal sword) to fight.

The awesome stage is puliankam and the combats will fight in a fierce manner which looks like 2 tigers fighting each other. The combats will have sword and shield. Here quick eye contact and observation, body control are very important.

Kuntham (spear to spear category) Here combats will fight each other with a spear.

Marapidicha kuntham (sword and shield against spear) –

Here one combat will hold sword and shield and another combat will hold a spear . This is very tough to win the fight for the combat who is fighting with the spear and he has disadvantages because of spear size is short and no shield also. This will make you deal with any tough situations.

Another more tough fight is kathiyum thalayum which one combat will hold a knife and other defends with a cloth which is the most crucial self-defense technique. But here I feel the person with the cloth means very risky and if he wins it means he is very efficient.

Urumi (flexible sword) Spring sword-

It is a 6 feet long very sharp weapon both sides and it can be folded like a wire also. In olden days they used to tie around the waist like a belt and whenever any threat comes they use this urumi to defend. So we can say it is like a small invisible tactic of hiding the weapon.If it is not handled properly it will cause a lot of damage.

Urumi consist of jumps,rotation, forward and backward movements.

The other kalaripayattu weapons are ax, metal shaped otta, double-edged sword, and trident.



After becoming an expert in all the weapon forms then the master will teach this category which is purely bare hands. ‘Kai’ means Hand and ‘Thallu’ means hitting. It is most advanced in Kalari training.

Here we should able to disarm the armed person with your bare hand. So it is self-defense from the armed or unarmed person.

This includes combats fighting with empty hands.this includes arm locks, grappling, kicks, Thrusting the marma points (vital points). It is taught only to the few trusted students by the gurukkal.

So now coming to the most important step marma shastram.

Marma art or marma kalai-

Marma means in Sanskrit “secret or hidden”
This art can be used to kill the opponent by merely touching any of the 108 vital points of the body.

Marma comes under sidda vaidya which is southern kalaripayattu which is given by sage agastya. Information about this can be found in atharvana vedam.

Sushrutha Samhita mentions about 108 vital points and Tamil medical science of Ayurveda says 25 marma in face and head, 12 in the neck,3 in the chest, 14 in the abdomen, 14 in pelvic and 44 in legs and arms.

In our body prana (life)passes through 72000 nerves which are nadis and 3000 marmas which is connected to the body chakras.

The effects of attacking Marma-

  • Sadhyo pranaharam-When 17 points are attacked in the body death is immediate.
  • Kalanthara pranaharam– They are 33 points. The attack may not cause death immediately but it takes some time.
  • Visalaya pranaharam- If the 3 points are attacked with weapon death is immediate.
  • Vikalaya pranaharam- These re 44 points and with the attack we can make disable any part of the body, handicapped and make them dumb or make them unconscious.
  • Rujakara pranaharam– If these points are thrusted immediate pain will occur.

In Indian Film Kamal Hassan thrusts some opponents and their body parts become disabled and some become dumb and some loose consciousness also.

He disables the police officer and when he was on the bed the gurukkal from Kalari center comes and again set right his body parts perfectly. I think no doctor or physiotherapist can cure these types of injuries perfectly. Please watch the film once again for those interesting scenes.

This shows and gives a pride feeling how our ancestors knew about the Human body anatomy and nerves system.

Marma massage or marma therapy-

Through marma therapy a lot of mental issues, injuries, bones or heart issues, physical stress, etc. They use fingers, palms to cure. They know where and how to stress the Nadi points with the fingers. Here they use ayurvedic oils and a lot of massage techniques.

Actor Mahesh Babu has a migraine problem and he consulted a lot of doctors and took good treatment in allopathy but he didn’t achieve the proper results. After that he took this marma therapy and now is issue is solved.

Important thing is they do this treatment during morning and evening time not in the afternoon because there is planets and stars influence on marma points so the influence of cosmic rays on our body. In afternoon the sun heat is more.

The marma practitioner knows abt Nadi points, Ayurveda, astrology and Kalari chikitsa. The guru teach the students these techniques also to the kalaripayattu trainers.

Kalari Marma vidya can heal your pain and create the pain.

They are so many ayurvedic treatment centres in India for migraine.

Kalaripayattu postures:

Techniques in kalaripayattu while doing they have some postures (vadivu) and steps (chuvatu). These eight postures are based on animals.

Elephant, Boar, Cock, lion, cat, fish, Horse, snake. Steps are circular steps, inside steps, moving steps, corner steps, one leg steps. Kalaripayattu draws inspiration from the power of animals

In Tamilnadu there is a martial similar to kalaripayattu called silambam.

Central kalari is a combination of northern and southern styles and it is popular in central Kerala.

Kalaripayattu vs other martial arts

What separates kalari with other martial arts.

Kalaripayattu is based on tantra, mantra, marma, and balance of power. It includes spirituality, yoga, worshipping god, the blessing of guru.

It has slapping motions and karate has punches.

Here we use sticks, swords, bare hands and different self-defense techniques, marma points, astrology, Ayurveda. It takes a lot of time and the learners move with lightning speed.

The learners will have good timing, motion, High energy and stiffness of the body is like iron. Oil massage is done to the body before training.

The kathakali the drama also adapted techniques of kalaripayattu to train their students. Kathakali dancers who knew kalari will perform better than other artists.

Kalaripayattu Training Books –

“When body becomes the eye”

The book written Philip Zarilli a westerner who came to Kerala and did lot of research on kalaripayattu, visited so many centers. He is the first person in the world to get ph.d in kalaripayattu and the second person is Gangadharan who is from kerala.

“Kalaripayattu- A complete guide to Kerala’s ancient martial art”

This book was written by sridharan nair he observed every movement keenly and wrote this book. Actually in the review also one practitioner wrote this book was excellent and everything is in detail.

“Science and principle of marma therapy”

This book was written by Dr.sunil kumar joshi. This book explains about nonsurgical, nonmedicinal therapy for numerous diseases. So a wide range of information on marma science and therapy written in this book,

Kalaripayattu benefits in this modern urban life-

Kalaripayattu gives techies a big kick now

Nowadays people are learning Kalaripayattu in urban areas mainly corporate employees.

They are facing many challenges , stress, health issues, failures in life.

To come out of that they are learning some arts and sports.

They had chosen this indian martial art to come out of these problems.

Kajal srivastava an upsc aspirant had chosen this and it has changed her life. She has migraine, Thyroid and now she is no more using medicines and she is healthy now.

Kalaripayattu makes your mind sharp, logical, confidence and biochemical effects, weight loss, Good blood circulation.

South Actor Bhanu Chander he was a drug addict and he had learned martial arts and it has changed his life a lot. At the age of 65 he looks like a 40 years person.

In an interview, he only told how it benefited him in his life and career. He acted as kalari guru in the telugu film “manasaara”.

Famous Kalaripayattu training centers all over india-

So where can you learn kalaripayattu in india. So i mentioned below some few famous centers in urban cities

Kalaripayattu training in Mumbai

Kalaripayattu training in Hyderabad

Kalaripayattu training in delhi

Training center for Kalaripayattu chennai-

Kalaripayattu training in Ahmedabad (Gujarat)-

Kalaripayattu training centres in kerala

It is one of the best centers for kalaripayattu training in Kerala.

We have a lot kalaripayattu training centers in Kerala and in main cities like Palakkad, Kollam, Trivandrum, Thrissur, Kannur, and Kozhikode.

Kalaripayattu training in thrissur

They are few centres in u.s and u.k and so many foreigners are coming to india to learn.

So we have centers for kalaripayattu training in india and the centers should increase more.

The First film on kalaripayattu-

Seeing the less popularity of kalaripayattu than other martial arts the students of kalari gurukulam came up with the idea to make a nice film.

So the first film on the silver screen and the name of the film is Dhehi.

Their idea is to make it popular in india and across the world.

This film depicts the achievements of a kalari artist and her guru.


Can we learn kalaripayattu online?

Nowadays online courses are increasing in education and so many are going for online. This course is not learned through online training. It needs guru guidance, blessings.

It is a martial art combined with spirituality and more practical approach needed. Everyone cant become an Ekalavya.

Even though 1-2 kalari online courses are there but I recommend we should learn in kalari centre that too only from a guru.

There is kalaripayattu training app in google play store. For kalaripayattu training in youtube they are lot of videos.

Conclusion –

Kalaripayattu is a form of gymnasium. As it old it is more connected to our mind and spirituality. In my view, we should opt for this over the gym. It will give more happiness, self-confidence, fitness than any other fitness program.

It is the best program for women self-defense and Padma shree Meenakshi Amman gurukkal is an inspiration to so many female practitioners.

The Sad thing is this art is declining and authentic masters are also less. Govt support is also less. One happy thing is govt of Kerala included in sports quota.

So Indian govt must encourage this in all ways. It is our ancient heritage and pride. In UPSC exam also there is question-related to kalaripayattu.

Nowadays urban people are showing interest but that is not enough and if more students join it will save this art and become more popular than karate, kungfu.

We are trying to make aware of our present generation about the greatness of our Indian glory.

Yagnas – Ancient scientific Technology for purification of life

yagna sala photos

When our pundits are performing yagnas or Agnihotra or havan or Homas in temples or in yagyasala some rationalists and half-knowledge leftist mindset people start criticizing and questions instead of putting these many valuable substances in the fire why cant we feed the poor people or animals.

Ok questioning is not wrong but criticizing is wrong and common Hindus also may question like this. 

 Do we have an answer for that?

The absolute rational answer is there for these questions and criticism.

When a farmer takes a bag of seeds and scatters them in the field instead of feeding them he is doing for a great purpose, not wasting them. He is doing to cultivate crops and feed lakhs of people in future. This is not expenditure and wastage but it is an investment.

So coming to the significance of a yagya. When the yajna smoke goes up into the sky it forms clouds and from those clouds, rainfall occurs, crops grow, rivers, lakes will be filled. so water is important for all living beings on the earth.

We will discuss the difference between yagnas, agnihotra, yagas and homam briefly and a lot of scientific, spiritual benefits.

I briefly discuss how to perform and the products they use.

First of all, we discuss briefly what is agnihotra Homa? And how they perform and other details . after that we will discuss more on the scientific pieces of evidence and scientists views.

Agnihotra meaning

Agni means fire and Hotra means offering substance to fire for a purpose of healing effect.

Why do we perform agnihotra?

It is an ancient ritual performed mostly in Vedic pundits houses from the Vedic period. But now it almost became an extinct practice.

Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj (1918-1987) revived this ritual all over the world by travelling all over the world and now it is performed throughout the world.

It should not be linked to any religion it is done for energy, environment and health benefits.

It should be performed according to the Vedas and slokas. 

The main thing of agnihotra is the fire should burn continuously without any gap. So if the person is not available someone in the family should do so that the fire burning will not get any gap.

When this fire ritual is done it interacts with the energy and brings it down into this fire.

The agnihotra timings are daily during sunshine and sunset. Most changes in the environment occur and energy during this time is powerful, Subtle energies are emitted from the sun to the earth

Agnihotra Procedure

The agnihotra kit consists of a copper and gold pyramid container is prescribed only for doing this and small fire with dried cow dung cakes, rice and ghee ,Copper stand,copper fork and put them slowly on that pyramid with Vedic mantras (agnihotra mantra) after starting the fire with ghee and camphor. Time chart is also necessary with this.


Homam in english meaning is “Sacrifice Ritual” .we perform Homam at home or in offices for various significant ceremonies like our health purpose, dosha, obstacles, or negative and black energy removal, growth, financial security, peace and house opening ceremony, marriages, better relations, business growth, astrological purpose. It is done for positive effects to a person or to his family 

Types of homam– 

They are so many homam types like pooja like lakshmi Ganapathy Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Sudarshana Homa,lakshmi Kubera Homam, Rudra Pasupathi Homam, Lakshmi Homam,Chandi Homam, Navagraha Shanti Homam, Ayush Homam, Dhanvanthari Homam, thila Homam,pratyangira Homam,Agora Homam,Chandika, Ayushya Homam ,Datta Homam and they are lot of benefits.

Ayush and mrityunjaya Homam done for good health. Other homams for court case problems.

108 types of homam Herb items are used like Homa sticks for these Homa rituals. Cost of these rituals may be little high.

We discuss another important thing is Yaga or Yagya. The name is little difference like yagnas, yagya, yagas but the name is used for different purposes and fire rituals.


Yagam or yagya performed for the lokakalyanam means for goodness to this world and to country and society also. These are done by kings like rajasuya yagam, Ashvamedha yagam, Vajpeya yagam.

The mother of all yagas is maha Sudarshana yagam which is performed by Telangana chief minister  KCR –

They are types yagas done from 1 day to 1 week, 15 days, 1month, few months and few years also.

Yagam leads to yogam means happy statehood and peace. 

They are 400 types of fire rituals and please refer the below link.


So here I briefly explained the types of fire rituals and so i mainly want to explain the scientific, spiritual benefits and what pathologists, scientists reports and my own experience and study. I also want to counter the people who make fun of these rituals by making lot of allegations.

Agnihotra spiritual and scientific benefits.

The entire cosmos is prepared with Panch bhootas (Five elements) they are Air, water, sky, earth, fire.

Basis of the ability to retain and transmit energy, among these five elements, the earth is the heaviest and most concrete. As a medium, it can retain energy but cannot transmit it. On the other way, air and space elements are the light of all and abstract. They can transmit but cannot retain energy. 

So, the ancient sages have chosen the fire and water elements for their sadhana to give offerings to the divine beings because these two elements have the best ability to retain and transmit divine energy.

Gita says all living beings are derived energy from food and the food is derived from nature. 

Technology is advancing but people are facing more problems day by day. The humanity is at crossroads, Lot of depressions, health issues, pollution, psychological problems, Depressions, wars, crime rates, droughts, negative energies.

So to come across all these issues this agnihotra therapy is performed.

This agnihotra therapy in India was performed in almost all the villages but nowadays it is declined to a very small amount of people performing daily.

Agnihotra is performed impact will be up to some extent of an area if we perform in our house or field or in a ground.

The leading educational institutions and ashrams are performing agnihotra on a daily basis.

The scientific research done by the scientists, pathologists and microbiologists and they found amazing facts after the agnihotra.

It has good healing effects.

The blood pressure, sugar levels, mental depressions, tensions declined gradually. The decline in delta wave in ECG. 

Persons came out of mental fragility and it gave a feeling of positivity, focus, higher resistance, diseases, healing, the unanimous new dawn of peace and confidence, motivation.

deaddiction, alcohol, drugs, 80% wanted to give addiction, positive strength to the mind.

After the Programme, the agnihotra bhasma was used and tested in so many ways.

The ash was allied to water and paddy fields also. Then the results are.

Low levels of ph water and hardness. The ash was mixed in paddy fields has shown rapid seed germination, root strength. Radioactive Rice grains immersed in Agnihotra ash water and they observed decrease in radioactive elements.

The crops are grown by the quality and with good taste , nitrogen fixture.

It is not only a ritual but it is a daily lifestyle and culture to make our body , nature balanced with agnihotra conditioning.

It is for improving physical, emotional motivational levels, epidemic spreads, radiation.

shape positive children, better interpersonal relationships

The conservation of nature. The Vedic healing process and part of Ayurveda

Kirlian Photography

They had taken the plants images with the help of Kirlian photography and the aura of the plants has changed a lot into a positive way.

Aura of plants

An interesting fact is said to be agnihotra saved a family in Bhopal gas tragedy.

We don’t know how far it is true but the leading magazine THE HINDU published about this Bhopal gas tragedy and in 1985.

kushwaha family saved in Bhopal gas tragedy

Research on agnihotra

Nowadays foreigners are doing research and following this Homa farming and homa therapy. Please see the tweet below.

Private institutions are also doing this agnihotra like Vishwa holistic life and they are performed mass event.

Vishwa foundation

mass agnihotra



Anyone can perform agnihotra and they should follow the rules . They should do with divine and focused mindset by chanting mantras.

Yagnas or yagyas meaning in english is people think it is fire ritual or hawan but other meanings also there. we can say it is a for a good cause or it is a sacrifice and if we give suggestion to any person you should a lot of hard work like a Yagna. Putting all efforts to bring fruitful results.


The Vedas are four sacred texts of Hindus and Veda means ” Knowledge of wisdom” and

What are yagyas?

So the yagnas meaning and importance of Vedic yajnas is a ritual sacrifice for a specific objective. It is to appease and thankful to almighty livings beings, ancestors and other human beings for their blessings. Some are done daily and agnihotra is also some times done with these yagnas. Yajnas meaning is a ritual sacrifice with a specific objective.

5Types of yagna

It is called Pancha maha yagna

  • Brahma yagna- One who reads Vedas and spiritual studies.
  • Daiva yagna- One who worships nature, gods, planets, sun, moon
  • Pitru yagns- One who worships our parents and ancestors.
  • Manushya yagna- One who serves the humankind
  • Bhuta yagna- One who serves the dumbest creatures like animals, insects.

Pranayama is also considered as yagna.

Here in these yagnas there will be agnihotra, yagas, havan basing on the requirement and importance

Scientific benefits of yagas or yagya

As i told before yagas are done for lokakalyanam and lokahithamand it was done for various reasons. They are not done for a few hours but they are done from 1 day to a few days and months, years also.

Atharvana veda is the most important knowledge base which interprets the relationship between human and nature.

The basic energy systems in the physical world is sound and heat. The heat is generated from yagna fire and sound is generated from Vedic mantras chanting.

It gives benefits spiritually, psychologically, physically and environmentally.

 Foul smell removal

The fumes of yagnas mix in atmosphere and produce fragrance smell. So air is purified.

The antiseptic and antibiotic effects of the smoke was conducted in a laboratory. The decomposition of organic substances forms germicidal action of formaldehyde which removes bacteria in the atmosphere.

The non-bacterial parasites like flies, ringworm, dice fleas etc., which are normally difficult to deal with since bacteriocides which can be used against them are also harmful to other living organisms. Such insects are generally immune to ordinary reagents. However, they either get killed or driven away when they mingle with volatile oils like camphor, which are diffused in the environment during the performance of yajna.

So in the environmental aspect, the carbon emissions are reduced and similar kinds of reaction are taken place when the sunlight is emitted. So yagnas are done mostly during day time.

The heat produced will enter into trees, herbs, plants, air, and water etcetera. Due to heat, these materials get dried by releasing the vapours from them. These vapours mix up with the air enters the atmosphere. 

In that vapor the water part is steam and particles mixed with steam part is smoke. These particles collect together and form clouds. Because of this we get good rains.

Because of two methods, we get purified air and good rains.

The levels of carbon monoxide and co2 decreased and oxygen levels stabilized.

The yagas are done for the conservation of nature and producing cosmic energy.

The mantras are like sound healing. The positive sound and vibrations always show an impact on our minds. 

The products they use like sandalwood, organic products ghee, honey, sugar, curd, dry fruits, fruits, ficus wood, agarwood, Rice, camphor, pinewood, mango wood, turmeric, tulsi sticks, cow dung cakes etc.

The havan kund is made up of clay or cement. The main point if we perform havan with cow dung cake , milk, ghee it produces more oxygen and removes harmful radiation. 

The fire has the capacity to burn whatever the elements we put into it.

I read an interview of a Vedic pandit long back in a newspaper and they performed soma Yaga.

Before performing soma Yaga the researchers took statistics of the particular area up to some km from the point of Yaga before 1 month of the Vedic ritual and the stats are like the weather conditions, crime, accidents, female abortions, the physical and mental health of the people, pollution levels, Paddy fields condition, Rains etc.

So after performing the soma Yaga again, the researchers took the stats of the same parameters and issues and they found lof of positive changes of that particular area.

So yagnas are performed for a lot of natural balance, for good rains, good crop growth, neutralize the negative energy in the atmosphere, and kali yuga effect, mental balance, health improvement, for positive life

People who have spiritual thinking can understand more about vedic rituals and why they are done. This is kali yuga and the negative effects and energy and thinking will be more. 

So to control the negative effects also the Vedic pandits and Swamiji perform these rituals basing on astrological, astronomical and present conditions of the world, country and political factors, weather issues like drought, floods and health condition in the country and festivals etc.

Do yagas bring rains? and we see in films performing yagnas.

The rationalists ask for scientific proof and i can give more proofs also. The rituals which are performed in a perfect manner by sincere and highly spiritual pandits in a systematic way will bring the results.

Please refer the below video.

He also performed and practical research on this Vedic ritual.

Vedic scholar Venkat changanti garu is my friend who lives in U.S is working on Delhi pollution and he sent his proposal to the Delhi C.M Kejriwal about his project for performing Yaga to reduce pollution in New Delhi the capital of India. 

Why can’t we put smog towers and already M.P Gautam gambir Inaugurated an air purifier and a question may arise why we need yagas.

I asked the same question to him and the answer he replied 

Smog towers can purify up to 23 feet and the smog towers to establish one tower costs around 54000 dollars, It purifies 30 cubic meters of air and it needs 1.4 kilowatts and Delhi needs a lot of towers and establishment and the estimates are given in below image.

smog towers for delhi pollution

The yagnas will bring rains and reduce pollution without any side effects of nature and with less cost. Smog towers are costly and it cant reach the biosphere . The impact of these yagas or agnihotra will be up to 12 km in the biosphere.

Cloud seeding also a lot of money needed and side effects to nature and so many times we didn’t get proper results also.

Our Vedic pandits performed yagas for Oman sultan because after going a lot of medical treatment also his health is not cured and basing on astrology our pandits performed.

I will write the greatness and science behind astrology and mantras in future.

The facts behind Athirathram and so many scientists from India and other countries came to do research on this ritual.

Great science and technology 

The main thing we observe in havan kundam is fire. In Puranas and since thousands of years we have been doing these yagyas.

In our childhood, we learnt about an early man who generated fire through limestone and he learnt civilization slowly.

But i think they might be explaining about other western countries. But we Indians are most advanced in science and civilization thousands of years back and we are doing great fire rituals long back of early man.

Rationalists who live in fools paradise make fun of these yagyas these are time and money wasted, and these are superstitions and the other countries are advancing in science and technology very fast.

The most advanced countries in science and technology like Japan and U.S and more western countries they are performing agnihotra and yagas . They are doing lot of practical research.

The havan kundams are laboratory and it is a great spiritual science and technology and scientists are also doing research and agreeing with the vedic scholar views.

Scientific Evidence which i Gathered

My native place in Vishakhapatnam and there is a famous university Andhra university. I read the news that university Inorganic chemistry Department was done research on soma yagam.

SO the next day i visited the university and enquired about the person who has done it. His name is Pattabhi.

I met him and he had shown his research work to me.

Any person who had done a PhD thesis his papers will be validated by 3 universities all over the world. In the same way, his research work went to One of the famous American university and i forgot the name of the university appreciated his research work and they told You have done excellent research work.

So I am questioning rationalists have they done any research work and do they have more scientific knowledge than the university professors.


The purpose of Yagyas and agnihotra which i explained before is for global revival and stabilising the nature, and for a positive society and to transforming the lives of the people.

So Vedas mentioned this to do yagyas for good purpose and we are getting great benefits. It is calling the cosmic powers in the universe.

Our Vedas always says which is good for the world and people. One thing which we should think is that have you seen any virus originating from our India like Ebola virus or recent Corono virus.

I saw an article by rationalists and anti-Hindus by saying it is pseudoscience. One thing comes into my mind that in our  Puranas, we had studied that demons creating obstacles to our yagnas and pouring the blood and flesh in havan Gundam.

In the same way people who are opposing present Vedic rituals are the descendants of those demons. 

No doubt about it.

I can give more evidence for the benefits of yagnas

I request to the people to participate and donate to such rituals which are good for their family and for the society. 

Without a happy society, we cant lead a happy and prosperous life.

We are trying to make aware of our present generation about the greatness of our Indian glory.

Coronavirus treatment- How the world turned towards Namaste India?

namaste in indian culture

My blog is generally about Ancient Indian culture and science etc related to our heritage but why i am writing about Coronavirus treatment may be surprising. There is reason and readers will understand by the end of the article why i wrote about this

What is coronavirus? Its meaning?

Any group of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals.
Coronavirus Is a respiratory illness called COVID-19 that started in china in December 2019.

The coronavirus symptoms are like fever, cough, breathing problems.

What caused coronavirus in china?

Scientists say it is caused by wild animals or eating bats and some say from the meat market and some say it came out from a laboratory so there is no clarity on this.

So coming to the actual topic of coronavirus treatment. I am writing to tell the greatness of our culture and how the world started following after this virus outbreak.

It’s a big slap to the people who made fun of Indian culture and frilled into our minds by saying superstitions or medieval mindset or by so many terms

In this article, i will show more images and videos which will give us more messages.

Indian tradition teaches us the right way for coronavirus treatment-

After this coronavirus came into existence everyone followed and spoke about the Hindu way of traditions and living.

Everyone started self-treatment not to shake hands if we meet anyone and started greeting each other with gesture namaste. Why because to avoid this coronavirus.

Coming to the U.S president what he is doing see below.

The world tech industry is scared of shake hands

Israel president now started greeting others

Israel President Netanyahu

Why all the world leaders started greeting in indian culture?

Corona Effect.

The England prince also started Namaste

Now world health organisation WHO also started saying dont shake your hands. Oh! My God.

Namste India

Now coming to another indian tradition taking bath. Generally the western people and relgions dont take bath due to various reasons and we dont want to go into that and now they started saying personal hygeine is must to avoid these virus

coronavirus treatment

Burning of dead bodies

Now coming to Another Indian tradition burning dead bodies

Why we burn dead bodies because if we bury them the virus and diseases may spread from the grave so burning dead bodies is scientific and safe to the environment. and also saves land space.

But people may ask the burning smoke may cause pollution but compare to cremation it is less but don’t burn them openly and at rivers or lakes.

Now china started another coronavirus treatment that is burning dead bodies instead of burying.

But people may ask the burning smoke may cause pollution but compare to cremation it is less but don’t burn them openly and at rivers or lakes.

Avoiding Non-Veg

Now if any Indian philosopher or Swamiji says avoid non-veg and beef some red intellectuals will create a ruckus by saying Brahmanism and suppressing eating rights.

I am not saying to everyone should stop eating poultry meat and start eating grass and vegetables like animals but there is a limit and few things we can eat but draw a border.

We all know what type of meat they eat in china i cant say here it will give you vomiting sense also.

Already they say due to eating bats it caused. We don’t know the exact reason and there is no evidence also due to non-veg eating it caused coronavirus.

But for safety and healthy body and environment, we should avoid meat as much as possible and take in a limited manner and not these snakes, bats etc. Generally, which is good for health and environment like hens, fish, goats but don’t do overexploitation also.

we need hygiene meat industry also.

Our scriptures didn’t avoid eating non-veg but they are some restrictions and rules to eat and who should eat and when should eat.

Why such a virus was not born or active in India?

We take bath 2 times per day, leaving footwear outside the home and we do benzoin in-home and fire incense sticks daily at the prayer room.

Science says to leave your footwear outside.


Indians do Ekadashi fasting which is good for health and it has been proven by scientists also.

Avoiding nonveg during Karthik Masam which is mating time for animals. Celebrating festivals according to season and scientific reason.

India has 6 seasons in India and we know how to live with nature. We worship animals and other traditions they eat animals without any sympathy.

Hindus do a lot of village goddess festivals with a lot of neems, lemon, firewalking.

Worshipping nature, do agnihotra and yagnas which removes pollution and virus from the atmosphere. Washing hands with soap not with sanitizers. Cleanliness at the home. we use water not tissue papers.

Cleaning of clothes, the dress also part of a healthy life.

Mostly drink coconut, jaggery water,nimbu water buttermilk, and Rasam, starch, Tulsi, neem and worshipping trees(peepal trees) which is good for pregnant women. 40% of Indians are vegetarians.

Previously Indians use to learn traditional Indian martial arts which is good for health and immunity. 

Yoga and meditation, waking up at 4am is ultimate.

Traditional Indian kitchen

Food is medicine. In every Indian kitchen has spices box and we use daily.

What you eat will show an impact on our mind and body. Indian mostly don’t eat animals like Chinese and other cultures and they eat in a limited way.

Foreigners eat without proper cleaning and raw meat also and daily they eat pork, beef baked and preservative food which is bad for health.

Eating non-veg and other spicy Indian food but after cleaning and the spices, coriander leaves we use in our food which is healthy. Ginger, salt. Eating with hands also good habit instead of eating with spoons and forks which was used by so many daily.

Indians follow seasonal food. We know cow urine significance and it’s medicinal values.

Grandmothers treatment always has knowledge.

The traditional food of India and different types of food in is always healthy and protects the genes and immunity

Indians drink water in copper vessels, glasses.

We use to eat in clay mud pots, vessels also. In 5 star hotels also these traditions have started.
Copper vessels

Some more

They are some instances when some villages effected with viral infections and when they conducted these type of village rituals those diseases are gone. They mostly use Neem, Turmeric and spiritual mantras.

Sushrutha, Charaka Samhita says for some diseases not only treatment but they mentioned about the mantras and rituals to purify our body.

The sources of infections should be known well and can be prevented with safety precautions.

So here below an interesting ayurvedic tip we should follow during meals. we daily use it and some times with pepper.

The main thing is we had forgotten food habits in India but even though we are resisting these type of virus with our traditions.

During Sunday we should not eat non-veg and drink. Our ancestor followed such tradition and they were spiritually strong and have good immunity power because worshipping lord sun. We use to do suryanamaskar and now they are it is good for skin and the west people started sun salutation.

But now it was not there because the British observed these things so to destroy our culture and strength they introduced this holiday on Sunday to us and eating and drinking on Sunday.

Eating outside became a habit on weekends. Pizza , burgers, cooldrinks which are dangerous for health

So i can write more about Indian culture. Instead of that, i am posting more links which i collected.

Nowadays foreigners are using leafy and bamboo plates and cups. Indian eat in leafy plates which are great science behind that.

Bamboo plates are sold now in amazon also.

World falls down

Some people feel very stubborn that science is everything and we had conquered the world with science. We landed on the moon, science is the ultimate solution to everything and solves the issues.

They don’t know the greatness of Indian traditional system, cleanliness.

We follow quarantine system since ages when a person dies we follow for 11 days because there is the reason behind that and if anyone dies the bacteria which is produced from the dead body will be active for 10 days and we don’t cook any food and we consider these 11 days as mourning days.

These so-called modern brainless intellectuals they make fun of Indian traditions and they blame it is untouchability and these all are thrash.

But now the whole world is now speaking about Indian Vedic scientific cultural way of living.

Now the most modern and advanced countries are suffering more with coronavirus and cases are more. Indians have very fewer cases in this 130 crore population.

If we observe India, Nepal, Bhutan are neighbouring countries have fewer cases bt other neighbouring countries to china like Pakistan has more cases.

The whole technology, science laboratories are struggling how to prevent this and the economy became down.

The nuclear countries and world powerful countries are scared of invisible micro-organisms. One dictator who threatened the world with hydrogen bombs is now hiding in an island.

This intellectual who says science is everything why they cant prevent this virus and they found medicine for this virus.

I am not demeaning medical science. The Indians culture itself is medical science.

On Ugadi, we eat the sweet which is made of tamarind, jaggery, neem, mango it is the best medicine.

Some are making fun if Vedas have great knowledge then why they didn’t invent medicine.

Most of the scriptures we lost and remaining scriptures and knowledge is not recognised and Vedas don’t have encouragement for research. If govt says yes for research then these intellectuals will again do ruckus by saying govt is promoting pseudoscience.

The word KRIMI (Microbes/Pathogens) is used for various microscopic and macroscopic creatures. How to prevent them also it is told in our scriptures.

We don’t have the name of coronavirus but Ayurveda, Vedas mentioned about the symptoms of the virus and how to prevent it.

Have you seen any major virus born in India.

indian culture image
Indian culture image

The virus was born in the unhygienic environment and where there is negative energy more.

In Kumba Mela, crores of people gather and no virus was born there.

The good reasons behind that.we should think and there is a lot of cosmic energy which is protecting us, Our India is always a spiritual land

Janata curfew

Our Indian prime minister has requested to all Indians to follow Janata curfew on 22nd march 2020 from morning 7 am to 9 pm.

World health organisation also praises India for handling corona crisis and this is also a reason for less damage to Indians.

Good things after corona

Final Words

Why we were not allowed inside the kitchen before a bath. Why we were not allowed to eat anywhere except on a table or clean area designated for it.

Why women with periods were asked to take complete rest indoors to avoid hard work and ensure more hygiene.

Now that the coronavirus doesn’t live longer on mud or paper or wood as compared to plastic, metal and glass, we are understanding the importance of old earthen pots and mud-laden hut-type homes our forefathers lived in.

Why our forefathers ate less and drank more water n buttermilk n fasted once a week to enhance stamina n resistance to be fit n slim.

Now another debate is coming up that whats the secret and power in Indians DNA because they are strong and the impact of this covid-19 is less in India but the developed countries suffered a lot.

Let’s see if it happens then its a proud movement for our India.

Maintaining physical hygiene, social distance and cleanliness were laughed at, ridiculed, insulted, systematically breaking these traditions brick by brick, forcing people to discard these rituals for the fear of being isolated and *force-fit* into a society blindly aping the Western way of life. Now, all these habits & routines followed by Hindus from time immemorial stand validated.👍Now we are getting quarantined at home to learn what we refused to learn from older generations.

The physical thinking is not correct we don’t know so many invisible negative things will show an impact on our lives. People know the greatness of Hindu scriptures and do research and follow. Don’t speak in a rigid way by saying these are superstitions.

Due to the rigidness now we are suffering.

Enough is enough at least now change the way of living in a proper way and i am not saying don’t eat non-veg but don’t eat every animal which is not good for health.

Stop animal cruelty which is not good for our ecosystem and ozone layer.

Sleep at the right time. Follow the right diet pattern. Some people say beef will give proteins but scientists say it will spoil the nature and causes cancer.

Don’t exploit nature. We are depending on nature.

Nature is god and it is always more powerful than a human being and it has intelligence.

WHen every world is going is the wrong direction and exploiting nature it always teaches you a lesson.

The same thing happened now also. Now humans are now in control mode.

A human being is great but not greater than nature.

Indian tradition always worships nature and animals. Our gods have animals as vehicles which makes us to respect and worship animals.

Nature is for our everyone needs, not for everyones greed.

I hope this coronavirus issue will be solved very soon by discovering a vaccine and the world will come out of this crisis.

One inspiring image and some thought-provoking images.

Corona treatment

Before closing 2 funny videos –

Reason for Namaste

Namaste India


We are trying to make aware of our present generation about the greatness of our Indian glory.

Kalaripayattu Martial art- wonderful health & mind fitness assured

kalaripayattu sword fighting practice

For Pdf Download —

We all are familiar with karate, judo, kungfu and a lot of films also came with these martial art backgrounds. But sadly we don’t know much about the oldest martial art Kalaripayattu which was originated in India and gave birth to other known martial arts around Asia.

Kalaripayattu – Kalari means the school or learning centers and Payattu mean training practice. Payattu word was derived from the Tulu language garodi pettu (fight).

Kalaripayattu is an old deadly martial art form and one of the most famous sport from Kerala state (Gnana Bhoomi) which is enjoyed by tourists even today

Kalarippayattu martial art origin and history:

Kalarippayattu is called as mother of martial arts and it is a deva vidya  Its history goes back to tretha yuga and its origin begins with 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu is Lord Parashurama. In his period the kshatriya kings did a lot of misdeeds on Brahmins and in the same way his father was killed and the cow kamadhenu was taken from them.

So to take revenge of the kings misdeeds lord Parasurama did tapas for lord shiva and lord shiva gave him an axe and various boons.

At  the request of Parashurama, lord shiva taught him kalarippayattu. Lord shiva introduced to humans which is part of atharvana veda (dhanurveda ).

Lord Parasurama was asked by shiva to teach this art to sage Agastya.

Lord parasurama was the father of northern kalarippayattu which is called as vadakkan Kalari (They use weapons).

Sage Agastya was the father of southern kalarippayattu which is called thekkan Kalari which is the use of legs and kicks, limbs.

Central Kalari which is a mix of north and south styles.

History of kalarippayattu martial art:

The first and primary source of Indian martial arts is in Tamil language in Sangam literature which describes swords, shields, bows, spears in Sangam literature. Akananuru Andpurnanuru describes the above things.

In the 11th century, hundreds of wars occurred between Chera and Chola kingdoms. So kalarippayattu was developed as military training for various subgroups as a privilege. Mainly Namboothiri Brahmins learned and after that nayars and nadars and  Muslims, Christians also learnt this art.

Kalari arts trainers say the Goldern period for this art is from the 11th century to 18th century. With the advent of invasions and the British, this art started declining slowly.

Bodhi dharma who is a Pallava king in Tamilnadu and later he adopted Buddhism and became a famous Buddhist monk. He is 28th disciple for lord budda who took this art to china and established Shaolin temple. From China, it spread to Japan, Thailand and other parts of Asia. Kungfu and karate originated from this.

Indian buddist monk bodhi dharma
Bodhi dharma

Bodhi dharma transmitted this martial arts knowledge to them. He also taught marma kala also but they are practicing martial only.

For podcast listen —

School for Kalarippayattu Training-

The training school for kalaripayattu martial art is called as kalari. It is constructed as per vaastu and that enclosure is 21” width and 42” length and mud are dug up to 3 feet deep.

The Poothara is seven steps platform located in the southeast corner of the of every Kalari.

The seven steps resemble strength, patience, posture, expression, commanding power, training, expression, and sound. Poothara is consists of oil lamps and flowers and god photos.

It is performed with certain rituals and chanting mantra with the salutation of the god and guru.

Mainly they worship Durga Devi before starting this art form.

Kalaripayattu Training-

First of all is they should start with exercise. Some important kalarippayattu techniques are a combination of steps and postures and the postures are based on animal and they are elephant posture, Snake, Boars, lion, fish, cat, cock, horse.

There are 4 categories for Kalari training-

Maithari – physical method

Kolthari–wooden weapon fight

Ankathari-iron/steel weapon

Verunkai prayogam- unarmed combat.

I will write a detailed article on how the training, weapons, training schools and marma art, its benefits, practitioners.

Famous Kalaripayattu Training schools-

They are Residential Gurukuls centers in Kerala and in many cities in all over India and foreigners are also coming to Kerala to learn this art form.

Buddakalari in Trivandrum.

Hindustan kalari in Calicut,

ENS kalari in ernakulam ,

Bharath kalari in kannur,kadatahndan

kalari sangam in waynad.

The kalaripayattu training fees in Kerala would we Rs500 to Rs600 per month.

Kalarippayattu Training Benefits:

Yoga, meditation is coordinated with this Kalari which is the basic step to start. To get the best result one should connect his mind and body.

  • Removes abnormal sleep,
  • Improves nervous system
  • Cardiovascular functioning improves
  • Balance improves patience and self-awareness, discipline
  • Concentration improves,
  • Improves intelligence and strategic thinking.
  • Grip, eye power. Etc and they are so many things to mention.

How Kalarippayattu benefitted Bollywood personalities-

Nowadays Bollywood actors are so crazy about this art. So let us see who they are?.

Parineeti Chopra told this martial art technique helped her is balancing the diet and weight loss and a massive increase in fitness, agility. This helped her in her film career. It gave her concentration, good posture, confidence and blood circulation.

Actress parineeti chopra
Actress Parineeti chopra

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone had learned for Bajirao Mastani film.

Salman khan also learned about the film sher khan and kick.

Tiger shroff also underwent training for baaghi film.

He gave a statement that kungfu originated from India which stunned actor Jackie chan.

South Indian actress (Tamil) Anu Hassan said her basic training and the stunts helped her to perform action scenes in a film “valla desam”

One more important and inspiring thing I want to tell about another person of Bollywood actor Vidyut jamwal.

Vidyut is performing excellent stunts and action scenes with the help of Kalari.  He explains his connection with Indian martial art.

Vidyut started learning weaponry, kicks, healing etc from the age of three and he stayed up to the age of 13 in an ashram in Palakkad town of Kerala. Vidyut mother used to train in this training center.

He says it helped him to connect his body with the soul by learning. He performed stunts in commando and bullet raja films and he taught action stunts to his entire action team for his films.

Vidyut Jammal says he wants to make our ancient martial arts popular and also planning to start an open university in Kerala to teach to training seekers.

One great thing is we should praise this actor for making this art popular. HE is one of the top among 10 top martial artists in the world.

Actor vidyut jammal
Actor Vidyut jamwal

American website looper named him 6th rank in the top 10 martial artists of this world.

So he is trying to make this art popular and inspiring the next generation to learn it. We should encourage such people.

10 bollywood actors learning kalaripayattu martial arts these days

 Famous practitioners in kalarippayattu-

Gangadharan, we should speak about this person because he is the 2nd person in the world and 1st Indian to do P.HD and he is a role model for learners and trainers.

He says he has learned and developed interest and he started in the year 1977.  He says we can barely find books on this. Kalari literature is very little and it is mostly found in theyyam (color ritual form and folk songs). There are no authoritative books or manuscripts for this art.

He understood it needs recognition like karate and judo and decided to create awareness for this art and in 1991 he registered for Ph.D.

In 1994, Gangadharan chose to name his proposed thesis Kalaripayattinte Kaayikavum Anushtanaparavumaya Ghadakangal (The Physical And Ritualistic Elements of Kalaripayattu).

As part of the research, he visited so many training centers, met experts and red books. He completed a Ph.D. in 1998 and he was honored by the University of Calicut. He worked as an editor to Kalari and Ayurveda magazines.

He published the book “ kalarippayattu nighandu” which is a dictionary for this martial art. This book was released by the Kalari samurai Meenakshi Amman. It explains gym procedures, rules and competition, and martial arts relations with countries, vocal syllables and human sensory and philosophy of yoga, healing, diet, weight lifting, weapons, postures, oil massage techniques.

Special Mention of kalaripayattu martial art -Padma Shree Meenakshi Amman Gurukkal

Meenakshi Amma with her students

Meenakshi Amma is from a town (Vatakara) in Calicut district of Kerala.

She has other honours like samurai, maestro and Kerala grandma. She started at the age of 76 and his father encouraged her to learn and at that time very few girls use to learn.

SO many girls stopped learning after puberty and marriage but she continued to learn and after she married Raghavan master a school teacher for this training.

She started her training centre at the age of 17. She has been practising for 60 years. She has dedicated her life to this art. Now her husband is no more and she is carrying the legacy of her husband to save this fading art form with strict.

Amma teaches for free and takes guru Dakshin whatever her students give.  Institute is training around 150 students and in that 1/3rd of the students are female. Meenakshi Amman institute’s name is ‘Kadaat Nandan Kalari Sangam. She performs on average 60 shows per year.

I was wondered when I saw the videos of her practice how she is fit, skilled and fast at the age of 76 and nobody can defeat this legend. The audience who sees her performance will be mesmerized and they will utter OMG.

The interesting part is she never performs with kalarippayattu traditional attire and always practice with saree which is comfortable.

Indian govt honored her with the Padma Shree award in 2017 for her service to this art.

Her training centre contact details are:

Address: Puduppanam, Janatha Rd, Narayana Nagar, Vatakara, Kerala 673105 Phone: 094956 41722

Woman warrior “Unniyarcha” –

She is a legendary warrior in kalaripayattu martial art of Kerala.

And also one more important Person Reshma who achieved Indian book of records for rotating stick for 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Kalari in movies:

7 aum aviru tells bodhi dharma journey and how he gave martial arts to china, Asian countries and it’s a new thing which so many don’t know. They had shown in the starting of that film.  I liked this film.

In a lot of Malayalam films, it is featured and a few Hindi films, one Telugu film manasara which is my mother tongue. And 2-3 Chinese, English films.

In bharateeyudu film  (Indian ) in the year 1996, south Indian star kamal Hassan performed marma art techniques and few scenes are there how he hits his opponents with fingers.  After watching this film people came to know more about these and started showing interest in learning.

Now part 2 of Indian film is now progressing and for that film actress Kajal Aggarwal started learning kalaripayattu martial art and she went to Kerala for special training.


Is kalarippayattu mother of martial arts?

Yes. I spoke to kalaripayattu martial art master and they told me this martial art was given to China and to Southeast Asian countries by bodhi dharma and in the film 7 aum aviru also says bodhi dharma taught to them.

It is said to be 3000 years old and at that time our Indians are more advanced in civilization and which other countries don’t know proper civilization but china is also an older civilization.

In the starting of civilization, most of people use to live in forests and they might have some techniques and small wars to hunt and defend but they are not like advanced arts and organized.

This art gave inspiration and so many new martial arts originated from this.

Why kalarippayattu is not popular like other martial arts?

It is sad that our great martial arts not recognized by this world. In India also people and govt also not encouraging much except that state govt of kerala.

The invasions made this art weak. The Travancore kings challenged the British with Kalari arts and the British understood this kalarippayattu will cause damage to them in wars..

The Britishers banned this art and killed so many practitioners in 18th century so, learning this art declined and some people use to learn secretly.

Due to these reasons, it has not become popular and the updating and promotion didn’t happen properly.

After independence, it was revived and till Indian film even I also don’t know what is kalarippayattu and marma

Why kalarippayattu is not taught to our defense forces?

Generally, it is a long-form of art and it cannot be taught in 2-3 months.  The defense forces are given training on how to defend themselves.

In my view, it makes a man mentally strong and physically strong and it is pride in our country so in my view this training must be given to defense forces during and after training also.


The ancient martial arts of India was not recognized by our country people it is very disheartening. we are showing interest in karate and kungfu and a lot of films came with this background but not on kalaripayattu martial art background.

I saw training centers in kerala and in metro cities but not in villages and towns of outside

More centers must be opened all over India and govt, education centers must encourage youth to learn this and it will change their life a lot.

The Government must make this an important sport in India and must encourage awards and rewards.

We see Jackie Chan, Bruce lee in the same way we need such people from india who should become worldwide experts and bring a lot of fame to our country and this kalaripayattu martial art.

Our country citizens, media, government, and intellectuals must highlight this. We should have at least kalaripayattu basic training.

In my next article Kalaripayattu training, I will write in detail about the training, marma and other important points and my views

We trying level best to make people aware of our ancient glory and history.

Sati Practice – Historical facts on sati sahagamana which we don’t know

sati sahagamana in india

This article is about historical facts about sati practice in our ancient days.

Our Indian culture has given at most value and status to women. For food we worship Sri Annapurna Devi and for wealth, we worship lord Laxmi Devi and for education and wisdom we worship lord Saraswathi Devi and for water, we worship rivers and worshipping earth we compare with bhoodevi and finally motherland we Indian worship Bharat Mata.

So here we compare every emotion as a mother (females goddess).

So if we analyze the above great things, Do you think our culture encourages sati practice or satidaha pratha, like forcing her to enter into the fire of her husband’s pyre. after her husband’s death.

If we define actually what is sati? means,it is a widow burning herself to death on husband pyre.

Pyre meaning – A heap of combustible material, especially one for burning a corpse as part of a funeral ceremony.

Let us know the authentic historical facts one by one to burst the myths.

Sati practice – Striking historical facts

Was sati (suttee) practice a religious obligation mentioned in ancient texts?

Does sati pratha have its origin in the Vedas?

No the actual meaning mentioned below from rigveda.

It is important Funeral hymn is from rigveda  10.18.7 . The hymn was used by critics to propagate that sati was mentioned in our scriptures. But actually what this hymn says.

It tells the widow to sit next to her husband’s dead body and moisten your eyes with ghee and get up to resume your place in the world. The last word agre (earlier) was replaced with word Agni (fire) in this hymn.

So the Hindu bashers deliberately misinterpreted that sati tradition is a religious obligation.

But the above scripture is not saying like that.

The experts of dharma Sastra condemned this distortion. That sati daha pratha in india is not a religious obligation.

In ancient days remarriage is not there and loyalty towards the husband. So our culture says the process of converting our sexual desire, energy into spiritual desires, energy is known as sati. That can happen only with the fire on inner knowledge and gyan marg

In garuda Purana 4th chapter verses 90 to 98 mention abt sati. They are some exceptions if the women have children or if she is pregnant she must avoid this practice. 

In Devi Bhagavatham also some scriptures mentioned abt sati practice.

Scriptures and scholars views on sati sahagamana-

Kautilya Artha sastra did not refer to sati funeral or he never mentioned any instances.

Orientalists like HH Wilson also never told that sati system was mentioned in Hindu scriptures.

Dharma sutras or smrithis mentioned the duties of a wife but do not recommend sati pratha

manu describes wives as worthy of being worshipped that lamps lit the households and manu also says the wife is legal heir of the husband property after his death.

yajnavalkya describes wives were gifts of gods and strict rules for widow bit, not self-immolation.

vishnu smrithi says a good wife, who perseveres in a chaste life after the death of her lord, will go to heaven like (perpetual) students, even though she has no son.

Vyas Smriti, Kalidas, court poet of harsha kadambari he condemns of sati (banabatta)

some scholars medhatithi compared sati practice as black magic.

late medieval period smrithis till time had carried no instruction on methods of sati ,rituals. 

In the 18th century Thanjavur a book stree dharma paddati written by triyambaka pandit threat to Hinduism by islam and missionaries Europeans.He told how to preserve threats he recommended way of salvation in a troubled scenario to protect their chastity, but the option of leading aesthetic life is always open

Mahaveer van tantra  also condemns sati.

Ancient religion legal texts mentioned austere life for women.

Was sati forced?

Here in india the marriage tradition marriage is a sacrament not a contract. Generally, our culture says life partner is half of her husband and she is having equal priority in a family.

If we see images of artha nareeshwar shiva has given his entire half place to lord Parvathi . It means wife is equal to her husband and she is the soul of her husband.

The travellers who saw sati saw women while performing sati they indicate fingers. If suppose if she shows 4 that means she will commit sati another 3 times. It totals ads up to 7

So in our marriage rituals, the couple circumambulates 7 times around the fire circle. The circle is 360 degrees. This relation is up to the next 7 rebirths. The only number which cannot divide 360 degrees is 7. So the couple go around 7 times ensuring that nothing can divide their relationship. We Indians firmly believe life after death.

Travellers who observed our traditions wrote in their travelogues that our women are so emotional and love towards her husband and they were taught to love her husband. so if he dies, then the women with love and attachment on him she uses to perform sati.

Hindu scriptures which i mentioned they say if we perform sati they both will go to heaven and next rebirth they will again become wife and husband. In this way a lot of things mentioned. We Indians firmly believe life after death.

So now we should not come to the Conclusion that women performed sati and people also encouraged it. Not at all. In garuda Purana, Devi Bhagavatam it is mentioned as voluntary not forced. so sati in history was not forced.

Here the Rigvedic scripture is distorted and the garuda Purana , etc mentioned about sati is just a suggestion only not force. Our Hindu scriptures never mentioned killing innocents and our Hindus never behaved in a rigid and foolish manner from past to present. May be few instances but not high.

So sati was never a forced tradition in India. so our Indian wife forced was not true it was her personal choice.

 who is sati in India tradition?

The sati came from sat means chaste, faithful widow sat goodness or virtue. virtues women, personal strength. This is the origin of the word sati.

In Puranas, sati is a reincarnation of Lord Adi shakti the wife of lord shiva. Her father Daksha performs a yagna and in that ritual function, he insults lord shiva. because of humiliation to her husband,sati commits self-immolation. This is the story of sati death.

Some great women in history sita, anasuya, Savitri got sati name without self-immolation.

There is no sanskrit word for sati (widow immolation). Some expressions were used sahagamana,sahamarana,anumarana.These are not sati .

The Europeans described the widow burning funeral rite as sati .

In ancient days women who performed this self-immolation with her husband considered as a goddess and people use to worship her by constructing sati stupas and stones.

Sathi in Ramayana-

There are no instances of sati practice in Ramayana and after the death of Dasaratha also his 3 wives did not commit sati.

After Ravana’s death, mandodari also did not enter into her husband’s fire funeral. But his son Megha Nath wife sulochana committed sati 

Sati in Mahabharat-

After the death of Pandu raja and one of his wives madri only tried to dissuade herself because of guilt feeling that her husband died due to her. Another wife kunti didnt persuade herself and she took care of the pandavas.

When Lord Krishna Father Vasudev died, then his 4 wives committed sati .but it was not forcefully.

When lord Krishna died his wives did not commit sati and lived aesthetic life.

Finally in Mahabharat lakhs of soldiers died and their wives did not commit sati . Some might have dissuaded themselves but we did not find any thousands or lakhs of sati instances historically or Veda Vyas Mahabharat book.

Lets come to facts and figures who, when, where and how many instances of sati occurred in the medieval, ancient period and regions like central, south India and other parts of India.

The practice of sati in Ancient India-

There was an impression that sati was a widespread practice in ancient days and thousands and lakhs of women are immolated themselves or forced. 

We should know the history of sati to burst these myths. 

The first recorded instance of sati was recorded in 3rd-century b.c during the alexander period. He was returning to his country saw one Indian contingent name Shashi gupt died and his 2 wives are fighting each other at the dead body who should commit sati. 

sati stone in rajastan
sati stone

This is an eye witness and it was recorded by Greek historian Diodorus.

After another instance happened in 510 A.D. We can found in the Eran stone inscription pillar in Madhya Pradesh. A famous king Bhanu gupt soldier goparaja who died in battle and his wife did self-immolation with her husband. 

In the 6th century a Chinese historian hieun Tsang recorded evidence of sati . His mother also immolated when her husband was ill. He tried to convince not to do but she committed sati. 

But when his sister tried to immolate for her husband’s death but he persuaded her not to immolate and she accepted after that she became an advisor to him in the court. 

In the 7th century during Rajendra Chola and a soldier wife insisted her self for sati when he died and her father erected a sati stone in memory of her.

Up to 1000 A.D, sati incidents are rare in Deccan and exception in rare south. Up to 900 A.D in Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyas kingdoms no sati cases occurred. 

sati stone in chennai government museum
sati stone in museum

Some queens 4-5 women committed in sati and sati was extremely rare among the common people.

When Chhatrapati Sivaji died in 1680 her one of his wives committed the practice of sati.

Sati system in India( central and south India)-

In Madhya Pradesh Sagar region during the 15th century to the 18th-century weavers, barbers, mansion families have few instances of sati.

In Karnataka inscriptions like epigraphic carnatica during the period of 1000 to 1400 A.D., It says only 11 cases were recorded. 

During the period of 1336 A.D to 1646 A.D only 64 cases occurred as per sati inscriptions.

Here none of the vijaynagaram Queens did sati when their kings died.

From 14th to 16-century sati happened in mostly warrior families.

In Maratha kingdom in village happened but Marathas never encouraged and his son Rajaram wife also came across this practice.

In Maharastra, Gujarat very few cases and in peshwas 1 case occurred.

Ahilya Bhai Holkar when her husband died she bravely stood and ruled the kingdom. 

Jhansi Laxmi bhai fought with the British bravely after her husband’s death and she did not commit sati.

In the book veer, Vinod was written by Shyamal kaviraj and he mentions only 2% of women committed sati. He says women did with lot of love and he admires their bravery.

meenakshi jain on sati

Sati in bengal-

Here particularly why I mentioned Bengal because the missionaries did a lot of propaganda that in west Bengal lot of sati incidents are happening. So let us see the facts.

How missionaries and British did bad propaganda and their act made women to commit sati and suicide that I will write a detailed article.

The most important thing is no sati stones or records were found in Bengal.

In fact the brahmin scholar of the manu samhita does not mention the practice of sati.

Sati in nepal-

It happened in 464 c.e and king name is Mannar dev father died her mother expressed a desire to commit sati but it did not happen.

Sati in other civilizations-

Sati is there in other civilizations also. In China and Egypt when the kings died they use to bury with their number of wives along with him. In Europe, Before the Christian era self-immolation was there.

Especially we need to mention the samurai female ritual suicide in japan. It is called as female seppuku.(Jigai)

The wives of samurai use to cut the arteries of the neck with one stroke with a knife called tanto. It is done to avoid capture by enemies after the war.

Sati described by foreigners and historians.

Indians from ancient times to present has a lot of travelers, historians and researchers and students visited and stayed for a long time and also the invaders.

So what is their view and observation on sati mentioned in their records, books letters or travelogues, etc from 2nd B.C to 19th century?

Alberuni who is a court member of Muhammad Ghazni. He refers to sati in 1000A.D that the wives of kings committed sati but he never witnessed any incident with his eyes as he spent a lot of years in India.

Marco polo in the 13th century referred to the custom in Malabar but he did not witness any sati incident.

Friar Roderic wrote when a man dies they burnt a wife with him but if she has sons she could live with them.

In the 14th century a Moroccan traveler saw instances in Madhya Pradesh when 3 women proceeding to immolate themselves because of husbands died in the battlefield.

William Hawkins a ship captain saw an incident in a kingdom widow were brought to the king and king dissuade them not to self immolate and the king offered them gifts and financial support to the widows.

Italin traveller pietro della valle wrote –

“This burning of women upon the death of their husband is at their own choice to do it or not, and indeed few practice it.”

French Traveller jean Baptiste Tavernier visited India 5 times during the 16th century says –

“sati committed by women was voluntary and it is very difficult to dissuade the women who have decided to immolate themselves”.

He saw in Patna a young widow approached dutch governor requested permission for sati. He witnesses sati for the first time.

John Grose employee of East India company in his book voice to east indies in 1757-  

“Attributes the Hindu women’s affection and veneration for their husbands to early marriage”.

Nathaniel halhed a noted orientalist in 1779 wrote a letter to England

“From all accounts, i never saw forced immolations and all are voluntary”.

Like this i can give more statements.

I will mention some more in my next article.

So if we examine the total sati incidents based on epigraphic records and eye witness accounts from 1900 BCE to 1900 CE hardly 500 incidents occurred that means 1 case every 8 years.

If we go through the entire article we can understand our Hindu scriptures, culture or our society or administration never encouraged sati custom and it is voluntary and optional only.

In Fact, many tried to dissuade this sati practice. So many witnesses say we were astonished by valor, bravery, and love towards their husband, customs and culture.

So coming to the main part of sati.

Till the 19th century we have accounts of a few instances of sati but in the 19th century how thousands and lakhs of women immolating themselves as sati ritual was forced and religious obligation. Such stories were created and still, we are reading and believing.

They created fake narratives that the women were a victim of relatives and hungry brahmins and women were drugged and tied with ropes and forcefully thrown into fire.


So in my next article more facts on sati system like what is Jauhar and why, how the British , missionaries, who is Raja ram, Mohan Roy? pseudo-intellectuals did fake propaganda, distorted the facts to make us feel inferior. Also, Who abolished sati system? When was sati banned?

We are trying to make aware of our present generation about the greatness of our Indian glory.

Sati system – Evangelical Missionaries, British forgery.

British and missionaries in india


In the previous article sati practice, I wrote the historical facts whether sati practice is mandatory according to religious and legal texts, and also the foreign travellers’ accounts, sculpture evidence from ancient India period to pre british era

Now I will write the stunning facts how these colonials created and drilled into our minds about the lies on sati system and abolition of sati.

Sati system pdf download

Early British appreciation of Indian traditional background –

Before going to the British baptist missionaries manufactured debate on sati system, we will see how the east Indian company praised our Indian culture and civilisation when they set foot in India .

The records say that early English men are in full praise of our culture. How they evaluated and analysed our Hindu civilization which is very important to know which are not at all debated still today.

First of all, we should examine the first account by john grose account who is an east India company employee.

John grose views on india 

Another east Indian company employee testimonial by John Howell.

john howell on hindu texts

                                 Another employee Alexander Dow who is lieutenant of east India company military wrote a book in 1770 ( History of Hindustan)

Alexander dow book history of Hindustan

Other persons luke scrafton , Robert Orme , George Forster and few more also wrote good testimonials on Indian culture and traditions, knowledge.

They are not historians or they are not bound to write. They wrote without partiality what they have seen and read about Indian culture.

All of them are praising our culture and how well advanced in science and greatness of Sanskrit etc.

Sati system podcast download

The Orientalists-

Warren hastings the first governor-general of India and he with a band of scholars encouraged to study the Indian sculptures, architecture, Ancient Indian texts, language, culture.

The group of orientalists who  made a systematic study and made lot of accounts , books, records about our Indian culture greatness to this mankind 

Warren hastings who has the passion of Indian culture and he used to visit kali ghat temple and also use to meet Sanskrit pandits in Banaras to understand the Indian texts and the culture.

He gathered a group of orientalists and they are Nathaniel halhed , Charles Wilkins, Jonathan Duncan and William Jones. Also H.T Colebrooke, H.H Wilson, James princep

These all people made lot of contribution to Indian culture , philosophy, archaeology etc.

Warren hastings said we should rule and make laws in  India through Indian institutions and ancient texts. He is not interested to bring English laws.

Hastings and this orientalists with the help of Vedic pandits translated the ancient Shastras with the expenses of the east Indian company.

In 1778 halhed published a grammar book of Bengali language. He said Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages.

Charles Wilkins, he engaged in the study of Sanskrit and he translated the Bhagavad Gita and this is the first translation into European languages from Sanskrit. He also translated hitopadesha and wrote a grammar of Sanskrit.

Asiatic society of bengal-

In 1784 with the patronage of hatings Asiatic Society of Bengal was established. This society gave the knowledge of India to westerners people through their articles, publications.

Willians jones translated Kalidas and it made European people think about the greatness of Indian literature.

H.T.Collebroke became head of Asiatic society and he also made a lot of contributions in publishing ancient antiquities. Jonathan Duncan, he established Sanskrit college in Banaras.

H.H. Wilson, he was secretary of Asiatic Society of Bengal. He translated Vishnu Puranas and Rigveda. He always praised Sanskrit which is the base of Indian culture.

These people all promoted and praised our Indian culture and made lot of contributions.

Other than these orientalists so many other European scholars also praised our Indian culture and told Indians were most civilised people.

Robert baker presented a paper to royal Asiatic society and he mentioned the mathematical exactness of stone instruments of the observatory in Banaras

So all these people who admired India and why in the end of the 18th century our India was suddenly projected as the land of evil customs.

The Evangelical movement-

Till now we saw the appreciation of Indian culture and why it suddenly the discourse has shifted against India.

In 1789 evangelical movement came in England to spread religion among masses. The principle of this movement is to avoid the turbulence, chaos, bloodshed brought by the french revolution so this is the only way to spread the religion.

When the french revolution is its high peak and millions of Bibles were distributed in Britain and evangelicals said the spread of bible brings prosperity to British and also to the land it controls.

The Evangelicals established societies like London missionary society(1795), Church missionary society(1799) and British and Foreign Bible Society (1804).

Charles grant brought these missionaries to India and he was the first person to argue that India must be baptised and westernised, Christianised. If we obtain these objectives then the British rule in India will be permanent.

The other English men use to say British rule may continue in India for almost for 50-60 years, but Charles grant is the first person to say if we take these steps of Christianizing India by bringing western education.

In 1786 He prepared a plan ‘’Mission to Bengal” by Dividing the Bengal into 8 missionary circles and set up schools and churches to propagated western education and Christianity.

He presented this plan to east India company in 1792 and after that, he became head of east India company and this document was printed as a parliamentary paper in 1813. 

This document exposes the evangelical mindset and it totally condemns and denounces the Hindu society.

2 Decades Before 1792 the same east Indian company men were praising the Indian society for their great culture, knowledge and civilisation.

From 1792 the discourse has changed against India after this document published (Observations on the state of society among the Asiatic subjects of great Britan).

In 1805 Charles grant was made the director of east India company and in 1806 James mill and Jeremy Bentham were leaders of the utilitarian movement in England and they formed an alliance with evangelicals.

James mill who never visited India and no idea of India but in 1806 he began to write Indian history. He echoes the Charles grant views and his book became a textbook to English men who enter into British service in India. He is the first person to write anti-Hindu books.

These utilitarians joined with missionaries and became a strong force. These were placed in the important position of east India company in India.

The missionaries are not allowed to India to preach Christianity in the company territory but they first entered into a dutch colony of Serampore in Bengal. The main people in Serampore missionary are Willian Carey, William ward, Joshua Marshman.

They played cunning tactics by preaching in the streets against Hinduism. William Carey created doubts in worshippers mind by creating confusion is worshipping lord Saraswathi is correct? He also propagated that brahmins are ignorant people and also Joshua Marshman also did the same thing. 

The first thing is they ridiculed the Hindu gods and also propagated against brahmins because they know brahmins are an obstacle to their conversions. Women were forced to jump into pyre by brahmins. Women were drugged and tied with ropes so that they cant run away. They once challenged a brahmin if you have the power in you then stop the sunset.

They compared the Hindu culture with poison and lowering the Hindu texts in the minds of people.

Female Infanticide 

They created a story of female infanticide and they passed a law in 1802 to ban female infanticide. The surprise is there is no protest because this practice is not existent. The created stories to convince British company that reformist Christian state was required in India.

But H.H.Wilson secretary of Asiatic society condemned by saying there is no such practice in Hindu society and it is very rare. Willian jones condemned there is no such practice.

Claudius Buchanan wrote publications against Hinduism and in 1811 William Ward also created accounts against Hinduism and sati pratha was high incidence, forced. Missionaries published these accounts widely in their journals to raise funds

Missionaries were not allowed to India except Serampore and if they arrive to India they were sent back to England because the British told it will affect their rule in India.

Missionaries were not allowed by the British parliament from 1793 to 1813. In every 20 years, east India company charter act is to be renowned. In 1813 missionaries requested for entry into India. The former east India company officials argued the missionary accounts were false which were written against India and they didn’t give permission to enter into India and henry Montgomery said missionaries will not get success in Christianizing India.

He made an interesting statement Women jumping into the pyre of their husband is not a religious rite and sati was not sanctioned by Hindu scriptures.

But finally with William Wilberforce intervention finally parliament agreed to give permission to missionaries to enter into British territory in India. The missionaries numerous petitions and influence made parliament to give permission to missionaries and missionaries entered into India to destroy our Hindu culture.

I wrote all the points because to tell the readers how the missionaries and some east india company officials made planning and cunning tactics to defame Indian culture and got permission. This made some other British officials viewpoint that India is a land of evil customs and English rule is a must to introduce a civilisation.

Missionary surveys – Role of baptist missionaries from England.

Here we divide this missionary propaganda into 2 phases and 1st phase -1803-1813 and 2nd phase-1813-1829.

In 1803 the missionaries appointed ten people to record the cases of sati in and around Calcutta. First of British got control and rule over Bengal they had chosen this region.

In 1803 missionaries did survey in and around 30 km of Calcutta and recorded around 430 cases and basin on these numbers they calculated and assumed that thousands of sati incidents were happening all over India. William Carey wrote a letter in 1812 to his friend by saying every year 10000 forceful sati incidents are happening in India.

Charles grant who wrote book in 1792 before (1803)missionaries survey said every year 33000 women were murdered along with husband pyres without any study.

Government Survey-

Charles lushington who is a chief of the government condemned the missionaries survey and there was no base for the numbers.

This the first counter to missionaries propaganda.

In the 2nd phase from 1815-1824, the British government did surveys in the 3 presidencies of Bengal, Bombay and madras and they found 6632 sati daha pratha cases and 90% cases are from Bengal

In Bombay and madras presidency between 1815-1820 only 50 sati incidents occurred. South Malabar judge wrote a letter that no incidents occurred in his region and 2 incidents were stopped by the neighbours and family members.  He says the people resisted the sati system.

Madras and Bombay presidency judges also told sati incidents are very rare in their region.

Sati system in Bengal-

In history, nobody said a lot of sati is happening in Bengal, then why suddenly this exaggeration of thousands of cases have been created because Calcutta is the city of renaissance and land of intellectuals. Missionaries to accomplish their mission they created this non-sense.

The no of cases in Bengal presidency is very low but missionaries propagated that one husband has 30 wives and it continuously for 3 days the pyre was burning to complete the women immolation.

Eminent historian  Christopher Bayly says the number is an exaggeration to defame Hinduism. Between 1817 to 1827 only 4323 cases were recorded out of 160 million population of British ruling terrorism in India. He also says the practice of sati in the region of Calcutta is also very negligible.

As we discussed they were sati stones and temples in India. If it is true then why no sati stones exist in Bengal. 

Missionary propaganda-

Robert Pearce wrote in his correspondence that between 1756 to 1829 more than 70000 women were immolated and sati system in India was cruel. The baptist missionaries in Indian Journals propagated by 1829 that 1 million widows immolated in Bengal. How they got this number has no evidence.?

Missionaries also told that young girls of age 8 to 10 were thrown into pyre but According to government statistics, 60% of the widows who immolated themselves were older than 40 years.

One by one account keeps on increasing the figures of sati system.

Abolition of sati

In 1828 William Bentick was appointed as governor-general of India.

Before his arrival into India, he wrote a letter to his friend that he is going to take this sati issue very seriously and after arriving to India within 18 months he abolished sati system.

In 1829 baptist missionaries pleaded a petition to abolish sati and there was no resistance to this abolition sati act 1829.

After passing this act there was no single incident occurred. But how? They propagated thousands of women are immolating themselves but how it was stopped suddenly after passing the law. We should think about this. 

Actually, we have discussed it is negligible and already this sati system was dying at that time.

Who abolished sati?

The British historians wrote William Bentick who was the governor-general abolished sati and they made him a reformer. But we should know some real facts who abolished sati before the British. Please check the image below.

who stopped sati pratha

Raja ram Mohan Roy –

Who stopped sati system in India? We say raja ram Mohan Roy which we studied in our textbooks.

Who was raja ram moha, Roy? he is a social reformer in Bengal and fought against the sati.

There is an allegation raja ram Mohan Roy also echoed the British propaganda and supported English education and opposed Sanskrit. He loves Sanskrit but opposes Sanskrit.

He said Sanskrit education will keep the country in darkness. He praised British rule in India

Raja ram Mohan Roy has a friendship with British officials and he spent his life and died in London. He was part of a queen official meeting which is only restricted to English men.

Special mention

George Forster 1782-many of Hindu widows especially in the MarathaRegion have acquired by their ability, their wealth, connection, or intrigue, the possession of extensive power and influence.

A judge is Bengal also wrote a letter that 52 women filed cases in court to acquire their husband properties.

But the British brought a law that inheritance of property to the widow is stuck down.. So taking this law as an advantage some of the widow neighbours forcefully burnt widows with husband pyre.

British policy and laws

Let us assume sati incidents were not recorded properly from the ancient period to till British. Lakhs of women were burnt then how come the population of India increased.

Witchhunt in Europe

In the name of witch hunt, they burnt so many women in Europe.

More people died in France and England every month through suicide and duelling than widows burnt in a year -Abbe Dubois

Jauhar Kund Chittorgarh-

Here Jauhar is different and not related to sati. It was done by a group of women if their husbands die in a war and to protect their chastity from the invaders they did Jauhar. We saw already in Padmavati film.

Sati system in india- 

Sati sahagamana means not forcing the wife into the husband pyre. If the husband dies and the wife also dies immediately and her soul goes along with him that is called as sahagamana.

We have lot of examples seeing if a husband dies after hearing the news wife also died.

Sati in India today- 
In 1943-1987 30 incidents occurred in India and last sati pratha case occurred in Rajasthan by 1 18-year-old woman Roopa Kanwar. After that Government of India brought sati abolition act 1987 to stop these incidents.

In 2006 one incident occurred

Sati which i know-

Sati means not only jumping into the fire it may be dead after listening to the death news of her husband or committing suicide.

In my apartment, an old couple has a daughter and the daughter husband died due to health issues and after his death, she committed suicide by hitting a train. She told before if her husband dies she will also die. She loves her husband like anything even though he scolds her and beats hr also she still loves him.


So this article is big but i wrote to tell the facts and these British and missionaries did bad propaganda and it was adhered by the leftists’ historians also. 

In my childhood, i read in textbooks and in films i saw that sati system was prevalent in India and sati was an evil practice encouraged by Hindu scriptures.

So for more information please read the book written by Meenakshi Jain. She did 15 years research on this sati.

Finally, Does any Hindu philosophy support Sati Pratha?  Not at all.

People who know telugu can watch the below videos.

We are trying to make aware of our present generation about the greatness of our Indian glory.

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