CERN Nataraja Statue- A Wonder in the Largest Physical Lab

nataraja statue

Generally, we see God Nataraja statue in temples, museums or In any homes or cultural music and dance centres. But surprising thing and how many of Hindus know that Nataraja statue is installed in CERN particle physics lab in geneva of Switzerland.

The science behind CERN Nataraja statue-

India is the only place where our gods must dance. Nataraja is the king of dancer. It is phenomena of creation and closest analogy is its like a dance. Today Modern Physicists are using these words. The things seem to be a dance. There is a deep process in the whole system.

We say creation is a dance and the divine is a dancer. The circle around him is not just a circle it is a symbol of cosmic.

If anything happens on itself it is a circle and planet moves on its own then it is a circle. A circle is a place of least resistance.

Ok till now my explanation may be little confusing and not clear. Even i also smelling like that.

I explained like a trailer format. Now enter into the real picture.

What is shiva statue doing here?

It has a profound meaning in cosmos. You, me, earth, planets, galaxies and intergalactic space and other things are made up of matter.

This matter has energy. the matter is fundamentally made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particle.

To study the fundamental structure of the particle and to understand the nature of matter and fundamental laws of nature.

Scientists conducted experiments using most complex instruments.

So once we go into Hindu philosophy.

In Hinduism, they are 3 primary deities Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. They represent cosmic functions of creation, maintenance and destruction respectively.

The dance of shiva is called as shiva tandava dance, which shows 5 acts.

The birth of the world, Its maintenance, its destruction, the source aspiration, liberation.

The Nataraja dance represents the cosmic cycle. The process of creation to the process of destruction of the universe.

It was said that lord shiva danced to the universe of existence and eventually it is going to be extinguished.

In modern physics, the quantum field theory has shown that the Rhythm of creation and destruction is the very base of existence of matter.

Every sub-atomic particles perform an energy dance. It is an energy dance itself im-pulsating creation and destruction process.

For some modern physicists, the dance of Nataraja is the dance of sub-atomic matter and basis of all existence and natural phenomena.

The universe goes under infinite no of deaths and re-births as the cycle of creation and destruction repeats.

The universe, solar system , planets and our lives are created under such an energy dance and it is going to be extinguished.

Nataraja statue id a reminder of many forms of the world. we are living in that world created under cosmic energy dance.

The circle behind shiva represents cosmos and it is the cosmic dance of shiva. It symbolises shakti, lifeforce.

Shiva Nataraja is a unique merge of religion, art and science. There is a deep understanding of the universe.

Einstein e=mc2 says the energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Our Hinduism actual Santana dharma Meaning is no starting and no end it is eternal.

Nataraja Statue in CERN and scientists views-

Briefly, if we say CERN represents 7931 scientists from 608 universities and 113 nations

In 2004, Cern (European centre for research in physics particle) established 2 meters height shiva statue.

Indian Government donated the statue as a relation with that CERN lab.

The reason for establishing the state is mainly 2 simple reasons. spiritual and scientific reasons.

In 2013 CERN centre with “Large Hydron Collider,” they are doing research. They found the Higgs boson particle. (God Particle).

It was seen as the process of creation and destruction without any end.

scientist Fritjof Capra

Scientist Fritjof Capra a physicist in 1972 first time in his article compared the sub-atomic particle with shiva cosmic dance.

He also mentioned the same theory in his book “The Tao of Physics“.

Below the statue, there is a small board and his words are written there.

Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter,” and that “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”

It is indeed as Capra concluded: “Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.”

cosmic dance

Scientist Kenneth ford in his book “The world of elementary particles” says

That every subatomic particle goes through this dance of creation and destruction. The term used by Ford is ‘dance’ as the ideas of rhythm and dance automatically come into one’s mind while imagining the flow of energy going through the patterns that make up the modern-world, involving in a continual cosmic dance.

Finally, Know the truth. Not truth the eternal truth.

Yagnas – Ancient scientific Technology for purification of life

yagna sala photos

When our pundits are performing yagnas or Agnihotra or havan or Homas in temples or in yagyasala some rationalists and half-knowledge leftist mindset people start criticizing and questions instead of putting these many valuable substances in the fire why cant we feed the poor people or animals.

Ok questioning is not wrong but criticizing is wrong and common Hindus also may question like this. 

 Do we have an answer for that?

The absolute rational answer is there for these questions and criticism.

When a farmer takes a bag of seeds and scatters them in the field instead of feeding them he is doing for a great purpose, not wasting them. He is doing to cultivate crops and feed lakhs of people in future. This is not expenditure and wastage but it is an investment.

So coming to the significance of a yagya. When the yajna smoke goes up into the sky it forms clouds and from those clouds, rainfall occurs, crops grow, rivers, lakes will be filled. so water is important for all living beings on the earth.

We will discuss the difference between yagnas, agnihotra, yagas and homam briefly and a lot of scientific, spiritual benefits.

I briefly discuss how to perform and the products they use.

First of all, we discuss briefly what is agnihotra Homa? And how they perform and other details . after that we will discuss more on the scientific pieces of evidence and scientists views.

Agnihotra meaning

Agni means fire and Hotra means offering substance to fire for a purpose of healing effect.

Why do we perform agnihotra?

It is an ancient ritual performed mostly in Vedic pundits houses from the Vedic period. But now it almost became an extinct practice.

Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj (1918-1987) revived this ritual all over the world by travelling all over the world and now it is performed throughout the world.

It should not be linked to any religion it is done for energy, environment and health benefits.

It should be performed according to the Vedas and slokas. 

The main thing of agnihotra is the fire should burn continuously without any gap. So if the person is not available someone in the family should do so that the fire burning will not get any gap.

When this fire ritual is done it interacts with the energy and brings it down into this fire.

The agnihotra timings are daily during sunshine and sunset. Most changes in the environment occur and energy during this time is powerful, Subtle energies are emitted from the sun to the earth

Agnihotra Procedure

The agnihotra kit consists of a copper and gold pyramid container is prescribed only for doing this and small fire with dried cow dung cakes, rice and ghee ,Copper stand,copper fork and put them slowly on that pyramid with Vedic mantras (agnihotra mantra) after starting the fire with ghee and camphor. Time chart is also necessary with this.


Homam in english meaning is “Sacrifice Ritual” .we perform Homam at home or in offices for various significant ceremonies like our health purpose, dosha, obstacles, or negative and black energy removal, growth, financial security, peace and house opening ceremony, marriages, better relations, business growth, astrological purpose. It is done for positive effects to a person or to his family 

Types of homam– 

They are so many homam types like pooja like lakshmi Ganapathy Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Sudarshana Homa,lakshmi Kubera Homam, Rudra Pasupathi Homam, Lakshmi Homam,Chandi Homam, Navagraha Shanti Homam, Ayush Homam, Dhanvanthari Homam, thila Homam,pratyangira Homam,Agora Homam,Chandika, Ayushya Homam ,Datta Homam and they are lot of benefits.

Ayush and mrityunjaya Homam done for good health. Other homams for court case problems.

108 types of homam Herb items are used like Homa sticks for these Homa rituals. Cost of these rituals may be little high.

We discuss another important thing is Yaga or Yagya. The name is little difference like yagnas, yagya, yagas but the name is used for different purposes and fire rituals.


Yagam or yagya performed for the lokakalyanam means for goodness to this world and to country and society also. These are done by kings like rajasuya yagam, Ashvamedha yagam, Vajpeya yagam.

The mother of all yagas is maha Sudarshana yagam which is performed by Telangana chief minister  KCR –

They are types yagas done from 1 day to 1 week, 15 days, 1month, few months and few years also.

Yagam leads to yogam means happy statehood and peace. 

They are 400 types of fire rituals and please refer the below link.


So here I briefly explained the types of fire rituals and so i mainly want to explain the scientific, spiritual benefits and what pathologists, scientists reports and my own experience and study. I also want to counter the people who make fun of these rituals by making lot of allegations.

Agnihotra spiritual and scientific benefits.

The entire cosmos is prepared with Panch bhootas (Five elements) they are Air, water, sky, earth, fire.

Basis of the ability to retain and transmit energy, among these five elements, the earth is the heaviest and most concrete. As a medium, it can retain energy but cannot transmit it. On the other way, air and space elements are the light of all and abstract. They can transmit but cannot retain energy. 

So, the ancient sages have chosen the fire and water elements for their sadhana to give offerings to the divine beings because these two elements have the best ability to retain and transmit divine energy.

Gita says all living beings are derived energy from food and the food is derived from nature. 

Technology is advancing but people are facing more problems day by day. The humanity is at crossroads, Lot of depressions, health issues, pollution, psychological problems, Depressions, wars, crime rates, droughts, negative energies.

So to come across all these issues this agnihotra therapy is performed.

This agnihotra therapy in India was performed in almost all the villages but nowadays it is declined to a very small amount of people performing daily.

Agnihotra is performed impact will be up to some extent of an area if we perform in our house or field or in a ground.

The leading educational institutions and ashrams are performing agnihotra on a daily basis.

The scientific research done by the scientists, pathologists and microbiologists and they found amazing facts after the agnihotra.

It has good healing effects.

The blood pressure, sugar levels, mental depressions, tensions declined gradually. The decline in delta wave in ECG. 

Persons came out of mental fragility and it gave a feeling of positivity, focus, higher resistance, diseases, healing, the unanimous new dawn of peace and confidence, motivation.

deaddiction, alcohol, drugs, 80% wanted to give addiction, positive strength to the mind.

After the Programme, the agnihotra bhasma was used and tested in so many ways.

The ash was allied to water and paddy fields also. Then the results are.

Low levels of ph water and hardness. The ash was mixed in paddy fields has shown rapid seed germination, root strength. Radioactive Rice grains immersed in Agnihotra ash water and they observed decrease in radioactive elements.

The crops are grown by the quality and with good taste , nitrogen fixture.

It is not only a ritual but it is a daily lifestyle and culture to make our body , nature balanced with agnihotra conditioning.

It is for improving physical, emotional motivational levels, epidemic spreads, radiation.

shape positive children, better interpersonal relationships

The conservation of nature. The Vedic healing process and part of Ayurveda

Kirlian Photography

They had taken the plants images with the help of Kirlian photography and the aura of the plants has changed a lot into a positive way.

Aura of plants

An interesting fact is said to be agnihotra saved a family in Bhopal gas tragedy.

We don’t know how far it is true but the leading magazine THE HINDU published about this Bhopal gas tragedy and in 1985.

kushwaha family saved in Bhopal gas tragedy

Research on agnihotra

Nowadays foreigners are doing research and following this Homa farming and homa therapy. Please see the tweet below.

Private institutions are also doing this agnihotra like Vishwa holistic life and they are performed mass event.

Vishwa foundation

mass agnihotra



Anyone can perform agnihotra and they should follow the rules . They should do with divine and focused mindset by chanting mantras.

Yagnas or yagyas meaning in english is people think it is fire ritual or hawan but other meanings also there. we can say it is a for a good cause or it is a sacrifice and if we give suggestion to any person you should a lot of hard work like a Yagna. Putting all efforts to bring fruitful results.


The Vedas are four sacred texts of Hindus and Veda means ” Knowledge of wisdom” and

What are yagyas?

So the yagnas meaning and importance of Vedic yajnas is a ritual sacrifice for a specific objective. It is to appease and thankful to almighty livings beings, ancestors and other human beings for their blessings. Some are done daily and agnihotra is also some times done with these yagnas. Yajnas meaning is a ritual sacrifice with a specific objective.

5Types of yagna

It is called Pancha maha yagna

  • Brahma yagna- One who reads Vedas and spiritual studies.
  • Daiva yagna- One who worships nature, gods, planets, sun, moon
  • Pitru yagns- One who worships our parents and ancestors.
  • Manushya yagna- One who serves the humankind
  • Bhuta yagna- One who serves the dumbest creatures like animals, insects.

Pranayama is also considered as yagna.

Here in these yagnas there will be agnihotra, yagas, havan basing on the requirement and importance

Scientific benefits of yagas or yagya

As i told before yagas are done for lokakalyanam and lokahithamand it was done for various reasons. They are not done for a few hours but they are done from 1 day to a few days and months, years also.

Atharvana veda is the most important knowledge base which interprets the relationship between human and nature.

The basic energy systems in the physical world is sound and heat. The heat is generated from yagna fire and sound is generated from Vedic mantras chanting.

It gives benefits spiritually, psychologically, physically and environmentally.

 Foul smell removal

The fumes of yagnas mix in atmosphere and produce fragrance smell. So air is purified.

The antiseptic and antibiotic effects of the smoke was conducted in a laboratory. The decomposition of organic substances forms germicidal action of formaldehyde which removes bacteria in the atmosphere.

The non-bacterial parasites like flies, ringworm, dice fleas etc., which are normally difficult to deal with since bacteriocides which can be used against them are also harmful to other living organisms. Such insects are generally immune to ordinary reagents. However, they either get killed or driven away when they mingle with volatile oils like camphor, which are diffused in the environment during the performance of yajna.

So in the environmental aspect, the carbon emissions are reduced and similar kinds of reaction are taken place when the sunlight is emitted. So yagnas are done mostly during day time.

The heat produced will enter into trees, herbs, plants, air, and water etcetera. Due to heat, these materials get dried by releasing the vapours from them. These vapours mix up with the air enters the atmosphere. 

In that vapor the water part is steam and particles mixed with steam part is smoke. These particles collect together and form clouds. Because of this we get good rains.

Because of two methods, we get purified air and good rains.

The levels of carbon monoxide and co2 decreased and oxygen levels stabilized.

The yagas are done for the conservation of nature and producing cosmic energy.

The mantras are like sound healing. The positive sound and vibrations always show an impact on our minds. 

The products they use like sandalwood, organic products ghee, honey, sugar, curd, dry fruits, fruits, ficus wood, agarwood, Rice, camphor, pinewood, mango wood, turmeric, tulsi sticks, cow dung cakes etc.

The havan kund is made up of clay or cement. The main point if we perform havan with cow dung cake , milk, ghee it produces more oxygen and removes harmful radiation. 

The fire has the capacity to burn whatever the elements we put into it.

I read an interview of a Vedic pandit long back in a newspaper and they performed soma Yaga.

Before performing soma Yaga the researchers took statistics of the particular area up to some km from the point of Yaga before 1 month of the Vedic ritual and the stats are like the weather conditions, crime, accidents, female abortions, the physical and mental health of the people, pollution levels, Paddy fields condition, Rains etc.

So after performing the soma Yaga again, the researchers took the stats of the same parameters and issues and they found lof of positive changes of that particular area.

So yagnas are performed for a lot of natural balance, for good rains, good crop growth, neutralize the negative energy in the atmosphere, and kali yuga effect, mental balance, health improvement, for positive life

People who have spiritual thinking can understand more about vedic rituals and why they are done. This is kali yuga and the negative effects and energy and thinking will be more. 

So to control the negative effects also the Vedic pandits and Swamiji perform these rituals basing on astrological, astronomical and present conditions of the world, country and political factors, weather issues like drought, floods and health condition in the country and festivals etc.

Do yagas bring rains? and we see in films performing yagnas.

The rationalists ask for scientific proof and i can give more proofs also. The rituals which are performed in a perfect manner by sincere and highly spiritual pandits in a systematic way will bring the results.

Please refer the below video.

He also performed and practical research on this Vedic ritual.

Vedic scholar Venkat changanti garu is my friend who lives in U.S is working on Delhi pollution and he sent his proposal to the Delhi C.M Kejriwal about his project for performing Yaga to reduce pollution in New Delhi the capital of India. 

Why can’t we put smog towers and already M.P Gautam gambir Inaugurated an air purifier and a question may arise why we need yagas.

I asked the same question to him and the answer he replied 

Smog towers can purify up to 23 feet and the smog towers to establish one tower costs around 54000 dollars, It purifies 30 cubic meters of air and it needs 1.4 kilowatts and Delhi needs a lot of towers and establishment and the estimates are given in below image.

smog towers for delhi pollution

The yagnas will bring rains and reduce pollution without any side effects of nature and with less cost. Smog towers are costly and it cant reach the biosphere . The impact of these yagas or agnihotra will be up to 12 km in the biosphere.

Cloud seeding also a lot of money needed and side effects to nature and so many times we didn’t get proper results also.

Our Vedic pandits performed yagas for Oman sultan because after going a lot of medical treatment also his health is not cured and basing on astrology our pandits performed.

I will write the greatness and science behind astrology and mantras in future.

The facts behind Athirathram and so many scientists from India and other countries came to do research on this ritual.

Great science and technology 

The main thing we observe in havan kundam is fire. In Puranas and since thousands of years we have been doing these yagyas.

In our childhood, we learnt about an early man who generated fire through limestone and he learnt civilization slowly.

But i think they might be explaining about other western countries. But we Indians are most advanced in science and civilization thousands of years back and we are doing great fire rituals long back of early man.

Rationalists who live in fools paradise make fun of these yagyas these are time and money wasted, and these are superstitions and the other countries are advancing in science and technology very fast.

The most advanced countries in science and technology like Japan and U.S and more western countries they are performing agnihotra and yagas . They are doing lot of practical research.

The havan kundams are laboratory and it is a great spiritual science and technology and scientists are also doing research and agreeing with the vedic scholar views.

Scientific Evidence which i Gathered

My native place in Vishakhapatnam and there is a famous university Andhra university. I read the news that university Inorganic chemistry Department was done research on soma yagam.

SO the next day i visited the university and enquired about the person who has done it. His name is Pattabhi.

I met him and he had shown his research work to me.

Any person who had done a PhD thesis his papers will be validated by 3 universities all over the world. In the same way, his research work went to One of the famous American university and i forgot the name of the university appreciated his research work and they told You have done excellent research work.

So I am questioning rationalists have they done any research work and do they have more scientific knowledge than the university professors.


The purpose of Yagyas and agnihotra which i explained before is for global revival and stabilising the nature, and for a positive society and to transforming the lives of the people.

So Vedas mentioned this to do yagyas for good purpose and we are getting great benefits. It is calling the cosmic powers in the universe.

Our Vedas always says which is good for the world and people. One thing which we should think is that have you seen any virus originating from our India like Ebola virus or recent Corono virus.

I saw an article by rationalists and anti-Hindus by saying it is pseudoscience. One thing comes into my mind that in our  Puranas, we had studied that demons creating obstacles to our yagnas and pouring the blood and flesh in havan Gundam.

In the same way people who are opposing present Vedic rituals are the descendants of those demons. 

No doubt about it.

I can give more evidence for the benefits of yagnas

I request to the people to participate and donate to such rituals which are good for their family and for the society. 

Without a happy society, we cant lead a happy and prosperous life.

We are trying to make aware of our present generation about the greatness of our Indian glory.