Saffron Swords centuries of indic resistance to invaders


So to know the real history we all should read a great book called “SAFFRON SWORDS” this golden book says about the valorous saga of many unknown warriors.

They are 52 tales of Indian valour in this book. Many of these warriors are unheard of.

Few names are Matmur jamoh, Kapaya Nayaka, Alluri Sitarama raju, Kuyili, Rani Velu Nacchiyar and so on ….


The saffron swords book was written by Manoshi Sinha rawal and she is from Assam and her education is M.A English and now she settled in Noida. She is an author of 8 books including this.

The Co-author of this book is her husband Yogaditya Singh Rawal.

She is also running a nice blog “”


Both of them with their own money and vehicle travelled all over India so many historical places took evidence from the historical sites and met so many authentic historians, referred books, documents, epigraphy.


NCERT books always portrayed as our ancestors were inferior to invaders We lost wars and we lived under slavery.
Manoshi sinha rawal

So to counter this distorted history she wrote this historical chronicle.

History is the strength and source of knowledge for a nation”


  • There is Ramypyari Gurjar who led a force of 40000 women against Taimur of karnavati, the Queen Garhwal who defeated the Mughal army in 1640.
  • Shivadevi Tomar, the 16-year-old Jat Girl who killed 17 British soldiers during the Revolt of 1857.
  • Kapaya Nayaka led a confederation of Telugu nobles to liberate the south Indian kingdom of Warangal from the Delhi sultanate.

We can read such type of inspiring stories in this book.


Today, India is a youthful country with almost 50% of her population below the age of 25. It needs role models to inspire and motivate. This book fulfils a very great need of our times. I commend the authors for this pioneering effort.


You can see the great reviews getting to this book.

* Govind Raj from Kochi says” we Indians are shameless, prideless and gutless people with extreme deficiency of self-respect. When our history books blank several great heroes and glorify a select few, we as a nation become a joke. we need such books to learn real history.

saffron swords book review



book release event


This book was released by her and she visited major cities in India for releasing this book. She got good sales and response to this book.

She wrote and also present writing books related to hindu temples, history, culture.

I am proud to say that i also attended this book event in bangalore.


With the author manoshi sinha in middle

Another amazing thing is she started saffron swords book part 2.

In amazon, this book has 119 reviews and most 90% of them are praising this book.

Translating into other languages is to happen and you can find bulk copies for discount price in below link.

So do you also want to become a reader and want to know more exciting stories for goosebumps? Then own this wonderful book.


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